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The Omnisend Dashboard
The Omnisend Dashboard

Discover how to interpret various sales and audience growth metrics available on the dashboard

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When you log into your Omnisend account, we will bring you to the dashboard right away, highlighting valuable details about your store performance in the Overview section and providing live website tracking in the Live View section.

Read more about Live View in the dedicated guide ↓

In the Overview section, you can track your Sales Performance (revenue, sales differentiated by campaigns and automation, orders placed, and more) and your Audience growth (total number of subscribers, number of new subscribers added within a specific period, and differentiated based on the channel).

In this article, you will learn about the data available in the Overview section and how to read it. You can find more information about the Live View section here.


When you are just starting with Omnisend, in the dashboard area, you will see a Goals page with a checklist of what needs to be done to finalize your Omnisend account setup. 

Your performance dashboard will become available as soon as you send your first campaign.

The dashboard will be available for all Omnisend customers, regardless of your store's platform or pricing plan.

You can reach the dashboard anytime with just one click on the menu.

Dashboard Overview

In the Overview section, the information flowing into your Omnisend account is aggregated and presented in interactive charts. 

Sales Performance

In this section, you will be able to track the following data:

  • Total revenue from Omnisend (+ % comparison of revenue in the previous period)

  • Revenue from campaigns

  • Revenue from automations

  • Total store revenue

  • Total orders placed

The chart is responsive, so you can browse through the metrics you want to view and select date ranges to compare your sales in specific periods.

When you click on the View reports button, you will reach the Reports tab and will be able to see detailed reports on the metrics presented in the dashboard.

Note! If the order gets 'canceled', 'voided', or 'refunded' status, it's deducted from the Sales performance report. Orders with all the other statuses (including 'partially refunded', 'partially paid', and 'pending') are added to the revenue with the full order value.

Audience growth

In this section, a summary of your audience growth for each of the channels is presented. You can now see the information about the two most popular channels - Email and SMS. 

The information presented in the graph includes:

  • Total number of subscribers

  • Number of new subscribers added within a specified period (green and red indexes indicate an increase and decrease correspondingly) 

  • The difference in the added contacts for the selected period 

By applying different filters, you can estimate your store performance for different periods and channels, see how many customers were added or removed from your audience, and compare the results with the selected period.

All information is aggregated and presented on an interactive graph, allowing you to change the period and switch between channels.

The manage forms button will take you directly to the Forms tab, where you can review your strategies and build more engaging content for your website visitors.

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