Website tracking events are available for Free, Standard, Pro and Enterprise plan users. However, there is a difference in the period of saved Website tracking events, depending on the Pricing plan. 

  • Trial and Free plan users → 1 month of Live View feed events;
  • Standard plans → 3 months of Live View feed events.
  • Pro plans → 6 months of Live View feed events.
  • Enterprise plans → 18 months of Live View feed events.

Using Live View

Live View is a Tab available in the main menu of your account.

There are 3 key pieces of information to check on this tab:

  • How many active visitors are currently online
  • How many visitors went to the store today
  • Which visitors were doing what (their actions = events)

All tracked actions are called events and you can filter by each of them. Some of the data might not be available on your Live View, if we are unable to track it. 

When we are able to track, the list of event will provide you with detailed data on who, what, and when did on your website.

Data will refresh every 5 seconds and a maximum of 10 new events will be loaded at once. If there is a heavy traffic on your website, you will need to load the accumulated events manually:

If the visitor is already registered in your store and has been imported to Omnisend, you will see in the Live View feed either their name and surname (if available) or the email address. If the visitor has no account yet, you will see Anonymous ID.  

Check these articles to know how you can reach those customers that have visited your site recently:

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Note: If you wish to see Live view for a store registered on a custom e-commerce platform, make sure you add a snippet! More information about Custom platform integration here.

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