Website tracking events are available for Free, Standard, and Pro plan users. However, there is a difference in the period of saved Website tracking events, depending on the Pricing plan. 

  • Free plan users → 1 month of Live View feed events;

  • Standard plan → 6 months of Live View feed events.

  • Pro plan → 18 months of Live View feed events.

The events Omnisend tracks for each of the e-commerce platforms differ:

Using Live View

Live View is a Section available in the Dashboard tab of your account.

There are 3 key pieces of information to check on this tab:

  • How many active visitors are currently online

  • How many visitors went to the store today

  • Which visitors were doing what (their actions = events)


The data shown in the Live View can be filtered based on the different parameters, including the time frame, visitors' identity, and the event (action) each visitor performed. 

You can change the time frame for the Live View report by clicking on the date field and changing the date by typing it in the field or by selecting the appropriate time frame on the calendar.

With Filter by Visitor, you can quickly optimize the information presented in the Live View, see what customers were recognized by the system and how many Anonymous visitors you had

If the visitor is already registered in your store and has been recognized by Omnisend, you will see in the Live View feed either his first and last names (if available) or the email address. If the visitor has no account yet or was not recognized by the system, Anonymous ID will be shown. 

With Filter by Events option, you can go one step further and get the information about the exact action performed by the customer. Some of the events presented in the list, might not be available on your Live View if those events cannot be tracked in your store.

When we are able to track, the list of events will provide you with detailed data on who, what, and when did on your website.

Data will refresh every 5 seconds and a maximum of 50 new events will be loaded at once. If there is heavy traffic on your website, you will need to load the accumulated events manually:

Check these articles to know how you can reach those customers that have visited your site recently:

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Note: If you wish to see Live View for a store registered on a custom e-commerce platform, make sure you add a snippet! More information about Custom platform integration here.

Still, have questions? Contact our Support team at [email protected] - or via In-app chat, we are available 24/7.

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