Combining Two Segments

Learn how you can combine two Segments into just one

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When you work with Segments, you don't need to transfer your contacts from one Segment to another β€” you can change your Segment settings. There is a simple solution in most cases, but sometimes it becomes rocket science.

In this article, we will check two different ways to approach this problem.

Combining Two Segments by Adjusting Filters

To combine two Segments, you must reproduce both rules and connect them with the OR operator. In that case, fulfilling one of the rules will be sufficient for the contact to be added to the resultant Segment.

Let's imagine the situation when we need to identify customers leaving bad feedback after purchase and those that didn't engage with your campaigns.

1st Segment: Subscribed customers that placed an order within the last 30 days.

2nd Segment: Contacts that didn't open any Email Campaigns sent within the last 30 days and didn't click through any of the SMS Campaigns sent within the last 30 days.

Solution: The most straightforward way to combine two Segments is to specify both rules and connect them with the OR operator. Create the first set of rules β†’ click on the small arrow sign β†’ Add a group of filters and create another set of rules.

Simply put, the customer added to the Segment should qualify with the 1st rule OR the 2nd one.

πŸ’‘ A single contact may belong to both of your Segments. Therefore, the Segment combining the other two can have fewer contacts than both Segments in total.

Combining Segments Using Tags

In the previous example, the rule was quite simple. But in some situations, we can get two pretty cumbersome segments and risk failing the combination. If you don't care about the dynamic properties of the Segment or need a simple way to verify the settings, you can tag contacts belonging to both of the Segments and use it as a rule in the final one.

In that case, we would open the 1st Segment β†’ select all contacts β†’ Select all contacts from the Segment β†’ Actions β†’ add a Tag.

⚠️ When you add a checkmark next to the Name, only 25 contacts from the first page are chosen. You must click on the Select all # contacts to select them all.

After you add tags to both of your Segments, you can create a final Segment of contacts that have either one of them.

That's it! You can use this Segment alone or verify the combined one.

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