If you are already thinking about post-purchase communication with your contacts, what can help you better than the information about the products they have chosen? Using Omnisend, you may create a variety of Segments based on different characteristics of the products your customers have purchased.

The most straight and forward way to create a Cross-sell Segment is to specify the product in the Segment settings.

If you have a limited number of offerings, it might be an option for you. Otherwise, you may Segment your contacts based on the category, tag, or vendor.

The list of product-specific filters include:

Purchased category
Product tag
Product vendor
Product variant

By combining different rules, you may identify what products your high-order value customers are choosing or what categories were the most popular.

Remember, Segments is only one part of the functionality Omnisend is offering. After analyzing your contacts activity with Segments, you may use these data in your Automation workflows. Offer different products with the A/B test feature and check what works better.

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