Let's say somebody purchased a new mobile phone from your site. There is a high chance that this customer will also need a case to protect his phone from the damage. We may even use the power of the analytic to find out what type of protective case-specific phone owners prefer.

Later your previous customers may be segmented based on their purchase behavior and help you predict your future customers' shopping decisions.


Before you start
Setup process
Content of the message

Before you start

  • Automation workflows can be used on all the Omnisend plans. Find more information on Omnisend pricing.

  • All of the user roles, except for the Analyst, can access automation workflow settings.

  • The automation can be triggered for subscribed and non-subscribed customers. See what workflows can be triggered for different customers' statuses.

Setup process

To create the Cross-sell workflow, proceed to the Automations tab -> click on the Create workflow button and pick one of the suggestions for the Cross-sell automation.

Automation trigger settings

Cross-sell automation doesn't automatically add recommended products to the content of the email message. However, the automation trigger provides you with many options to target your emails more specifically. You may trigger the automation based on the product, tag assigned to it, or on the collection the product is belonging.

If your customer has purchased a product belonging to a specific collection, it might be a great idea to offer a few more products from the same collection. You may also add a Product Recommender content block, even though it won't tailor the products, it will show your best sellers or newest additions.

Note, if you want to use specific characteristics of the order, in the trigger rule or event-based split, make sure it posses with these properties when the automation workflow is triggered.

Automation trigger settings

Audience filter/Conditional filter

You may also target your automation, based on your customers' Profile data (Country, Gender, Tag, etc.) and their belonging to a specific Segment. If you want to use the Segment based on the purchase behavior, you should remember that it adds a little overhead to the system and may prevent your automation from being triggered.

Learn more about segment-based Audience filter.
Learn more about segment-based Split Condition.

Note, if you create a workflow targeted for a certain category, make sure to adjust your standard flow, so that those clients would not receive two messages on the same order.

Exit conditions

Cross-sell email doesn't have the default exit condition, meaning that the customer exit the flow after getting all messages. However, you may add up to 5 different Exit conditions to cancel the flow at certain conditions. For example, you may cancel the sequence when a certain product is purchased.


If you choose not to trigger the workflow for contacts who have already been in this automation, the same customer won't be able to trigger this sequence within a specific time. Since the Order Cancellation email should be sent for every cancellation, we do not recommend enabling this option.

Content of the message

You may add different messages to the automation workflow, including Email, SMS, and Browser Push Notification. In the Email message content, we suggest adding the products that, to your mind would be interesting to the client or complementary.

A good decision is to add the images of the products your customer has purchased. Although Omnisend doesn't have the option to link your customers to the page with the products, you may still show them in the email message content by adjusting the settings of the Order block.

How to Create Post-Purchase Emails that Renew the Customer Journey


Like all other automated features, Cross-Sell reports are available at the Reports tab. It contains the standard list of reports: number of emails sent, open rate, click rate, sales generated, and removed. Activity feed with detailed information is available as well.

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