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Learn how to integrate Prehook with Omnisend to sync your contacts from Prehook

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Prehook is a 3rd party app that helps you to create an amazing experience for your Shopify store. Capture more leads, personalize the shopping experience and grow your eCommerce sales.

Update! Prehook tracks the revenue generated by their quizzes now. If you have had the Prehook app installed before Nov 1st, 2021, you'll need to re-install it. Keep in mind, that historical revenue won't be calculated, but any orders placed after you install or re-install the app will be attributed to the Prehook quizzes based on a 14-day attribution window. You can read more about Prehook Revenue tracking logic here.



With the Prehook app, you can create quizzes and embed them on your website. Thanks to the integration between Prehook and Omnisend, all the answers will be sent along with the contact information to Omnisend and you'll be able to use them to segment your audience and send personalized emails.

Connecting Omnisend to Prehook

Firstly create an Omnisend API key and select all the custom permissions. Learn how to create an API key in Omnisend here.

Then open your Prehook app and create a new quiz or open an existing one, if you have it already:

Proceed to the Integrations step and select Omnisend:

You'll be taken to our App market to authorize the integration. If you're logged in to your Omnisend account, you'll see this page:

If you're not logged into your Omnisend account, you'll need to log in to your Omnisend account first and then click the 'Authorize access' button.

Also, make sure to add an email address and/or phone number field. Otherwise, our system won't be able to create a new contact.

That's it, make sure to proceed with further steps needed to embed the quiz on your website and all contacts will be passed to Omnisend. All responses will be passed as custom properties to Omnisend along with the email address that will be used to create a contact in Omnisend.

Also, the tag 'prehook-quiz' will be added to all the contacts passed to Omnisend from the Prehook app.

Send automated emails to Prehook contacts

To send automated emails to Prehook contacts create a segment based on your 'prehook-quiz' tag:

Once the segment is created, create an automation workflow based on Contact enters a segment trigger, and select your segment as trigger filter.

If you still have any questions or need any assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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