is a 3rd party app that can help you to collect company and product reviews that can be carried over to Ads, Rich Snippets, and Google Shopping, and contribute towards Google Seller Ratings. Reviews can be left by verified customers through automated email and SMS invitations. With Omnisend <> integration, when a review is submitted on, the review data will be sent to Omnisend as custom fields, so you can use them to segment your customers and launch email campaigns in Omnisend.

Setup Process

Setup process

From the Omnisend admin dashboard, go to your account section on the top right side, then choose Store settings.

In Store settings, choose Integrations & API > API keys > click 'create API key'.

Keep default settings and name your API key.

Then copy the key you've created. The next step is to add the 'Integrations' step to your workflow(s). If you don't have one, you'll need to create it first. Drag&drop the 'Integrations' block to your workflow:

Select the Omnisend integration out of the other options and paste your Omnisend API key:

Once the integration is enabled, custom events will be created in your Omnisend account that you'll be able to use to send follow-up emails after each review.

Custom Events

ReviewsIOReview - User wrote a company review

ReviewsIONegativeReview - User wrote a negative company review

ReviewsIOPositiveReview - User wrote a positive company review

ReviewsIOProductReview - User wrote a product review

ReviewsIONegativeProductReview - User wrote a negative product review

ReviewsIOPositiveProductReview - User wrote a positive product review

ReviewsIOInfluencer - User has more than 3,000 followers on Instagram

ReviewsIOPhoto - Any Photo Reviews

ReviewsIOVideo - Any Video Reviews

Review Request Link

To send the review request using your Omnisend automations, insert the following link in your Order follow-up email:[[contact.first_name]]&email=[[]]&type=company&order_id=[[order.order_id]]

Also, to edit the default design of the Review Request page, proceed to your account. Select the 'Collection' section in the left menu and open the 'Collector page' editor:

Note! Make sure to add a delay before sending a Review Request email after the order has been shipped. So, your customers will have enough time to use the product before giving it the evaluation.

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