Opinew is a platform that can help you to create User Generated Content to build strong social proof & trusted online business in order to maximize your conversion rate potential. Opinew aims to match the design with feature-rich customer engagement to import reviews & boost your Shopify store.


Setup process What Data is Passed to Omnisend Customer is eligible for Opinew Review Request custom event

Setup process

To integrate Openiw with Omnisend create the API key the following way:

Store settings ➡️ Integrations & API ➡️ API Keys ➡️ Create API Key

Go to Extra and Integrations -> Integrations

Input your API Key, and click on the "Connect Omnisend" button. Place your key in the Opinew Omnisend integration and finally click on the Save button.

Review request emails can be sent from Omnnisend when your integration is active. Here’s how to do it:

Once your Omnisend integration is active, a new option will appear in Review Requests that will allow you to send review request emails via Omnisend. Go to ‘Review Requests’ and activate Send email with Omnisend:

This will create a new custom event you can use with users that are eligible for a review request, as shown in the next section.

What Data is Passed to Omnisend

These properties are sent to Omnisend along with Customer is eligible for Opinew Review Request custom event:

Note! 'Customer_name' property passed customer's full name, while 'name' passes the first name only. So, choose which one you want to use in your email.

Customer is eligible for Opinew Review Request custom event

Once you have this custom event, head to your Omnisend dashboard and go to Automation, then click New workflow.

Then click on Create Custom Workflow.

The following page will show up. This is where you will create the email template for the flow. The email will be automatically sent to the user if it’s eligible. In order to do that, click on Trigger.

After that in the dropdown menu select Customer is eligible for Opinew review request trigger.

Then add an Email block to your workflow:

Click on the Email element you just dropped, fill in the required fields and then click on Edit Content.

The email editor will show up. Design your email the way you want:

To add the properties passed along with the custom event, just click on the personalization button ➡️ Custom event ➡️ select the property you want to add.

When you’re done with the email template, click Save and Go Back.

You can set a time delay for the email. Just drag and drop the ‘Delay’ block and set the time you want. Then press ‘Update’.

Finally, click on Start workflow.

That’s it! The review request email will be sent to users.

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