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Vitals is an All-in-One Marketing & Sales app. Turn more visitors into happy customers - With 40+ sales-boosting plugins and advanced marketing capabilities, organized in a single platform, Vitals helps convert more site visitors into raving fans and happily-paying customers.


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Before You Start

This integration works with Vitals Product Reviews app. So, make sure to have it installed prior to enabling the integration.

Setup Process

Firstly, create an API key. To do this click on your brand name in the top right corner -> Store settings:

Click on the 'API keys' section:

Then click the 'Create API Key' button:

Enter the name of your API key, keep default settings and click 'Save':

Then proceed to your Vitals account - > My Vitals - > Integrations - > paste the API key into the corresponding field next to the Omnisend integration - > connect.

That's it! New Product Reviews will be passed to your Omnisend account as custom events.

What Data is Passed

Once you connect Omnisend to your Vitals account in the Integrations tab, a custom event 'Vitals Events' will be created. A few custom event properties will be added once the first new review will be submitted.

Setting up a Workflow for Product Reviews

You can use this custom event to set up an Automation Workflow and send customers who submit new reviews an email confirmation.

You can split based on review rating and send different emails to customers who have submitted bad/good reviews:

Also, you can send different emails to customers whose reviews were verified using splits as well.

In the email content itself, you can include any data that has been passed along with the custom event (name, productID, rating, submitted on date):

Note! If review is submitted by a contact that hasn't been in the Omnisend audience yet, it'll be added with non-subscribed status. Otherwise, contact will remain with the same subscription status.

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