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Learn how you can integrate and benefit from Google Ads Customer Match sync with Omnisend

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Google Customer Match lets you use your online and offline data to reach and re-engage with your customers across Google Search, Shopping, Gmail, and YouTube. Using information your customers have shared with you, Customer Match will target ads to those customers and customers similar to them.

Omnisend allows you to connect your Google Ads account to be used with Customer Match and sync your contact segments to help you quickly set accurate and targeted ads.


Before you start

  • To access the features of this integration, you'll need an active Google account with access to Google Ads. Omnisend does not create an account for you automatically. Sign in to your Google Ads account here.

  • Only one Google account can be connected to one Omnisend account. If you have more than one Google Ads account on the same email address, you will not be able to connect them to Omnisend. You can create a Google Ads account on a separate email address to resolve this issue.

  • Only merchants with over 50,000 USD in total lifetime spend and at least 90 days of history in Google Ads can qualify to create Customer match audiences. Read the policy from Google to find out the complete requirements for Customer Match.

  • The feature is available for users on all the Omnisend pricing plans.

Connecting the app

  1. Click on your brand name in the top right corner -> open the Apps tab:

2. Find the Google Ads Customer Match and click the 'Connect now' button.

3. Sign in with the Google account that manages your ads.

4. Allow Omnisend to access your Google account:

Once you have correctly submitted the info and authorized the access, you will be brought back to Omnisend and asked to choose a Google Ads account. Once you are done, your Google Ads Customer Match app will show up as connected. 

The connection process is complete, and you can start syncing your segments!

Syncing segments

Once you have connected your Omnisend and Google Ads Customer Match accounts, you need to create a segment on Omnisend and synchronize it with your Customer Match.

To proceed further, please select the advertising platform of your choice.

Then you will be asked which contacts you want to sync from this segment (All contacts, Subscribed, Non-subscribed, Unsubscribed). You can choose any combination of the groups you need.

Note! Once the segment is synced with the Google Ads account, the updates will be synced to Google every 5 minutes. So, whenever any contact enters/exits the segment in Omnisend, they'll be added/removed from the Google Ads account.

At Omnisend, we always emphasize the importance of the multi-channel approach to your customers. The more your customers hear about your brand, the higher your chances of converting them to buyers.

In Omnisend, you may set up a variety of different Segments that could help you target your ads more precisely.

  • Segment contacts based on their profile data. The information collected by Omnisend may tell you more about your customers, including their addresses, birthdates, and custom information you have collected with Omnisend.

  • Segment contacts based on their engagement with your emails. If your customer doesn't engage with the email messages you send, it might be a perfect time to attract their attention with Google ads. You may target customers that were active recently or those that didn't engage in a while. You may even check what type of messages your customers engage with.

  • Segment contacts based on their purchase behavior. This type of Segmentation will give you the power to target your ads to your VIP clients, those that purchase frequently, or those that spend a certain amount in your store.

Let's try to set up a Segment using a combination for the re-engagement Campaign.

Learn more about creating different contact segments here.

Once you have your segment ready, choose Sync segment to Google and choose which contacts statuses to sync.

The segment will be synced to your Google Ads Customer Match account and updated automatically; in other words, the customer who places the order is removed from the inactive contacts Segment.

You can now start showing and sending targeted ads to a specific group of contacts within Google Ads, Gmail, and YouTube. 


Can I connect my Google Ads account to multiple Omnisend stores/accounts?

No. One Google Adwords account can not be connected to multiple stores/accounts on Omnisend. 

Can I sync only subscribed contacts to Google?

Google Ads Customer Match can be used to sync any status of your contact. You can choose which status (subscribed, unsubscribed, or non-subscribed) should be included while creating a new custom audience, which will be synced to your Google account. When you click on the Sync segment to Google, a pop-up will let you choose what contact statuses you wish to sync.


⚠️ Google Ads is not working as expected

  1. Check if you meet all Google Ads Customer Match requirements indicated by Google.

  2. Check if you have permission in your Google Ads account to create new audiences and/or use the data in the audiences. When you update the permissions, the sync should work smoothly. 

If the issue persists, we recommend re-installing the Google Ads Customer Match app in your Omnisend account. If re-installing does not help, please get in touch with [email protected], and our technical team will help you resolve the issue.

⚠️ Google Ads account is connected to another Omnisend brand

If you get such an error as on the screenshot below, your Google Ads account is already connected to another Omnisend account.

Select your Google Ads account

You can only have one active Google Ads Customer Match account in Omnisend. Your account is already in use. Learn more.

If this happens to you, proceed with the steps below:

  1. Are you using your Google Ads account in any other Omnisend brand?

  2. Check this in your Google Ads account under the permissions tab > if Omnisend is present, remove Omnisend from the list. Then try connecting again.

If the issue persists, reach out to support. We will need your Google customer ID to help; it can be found here.

⚠️ Omnisend isn't syncing contacts from a segment to the Google Ads list

If you've enabled sync for a specific segment in Omnisend, but it still doesn't sync contacts to your Google Ads list, the Google Ads list you chose during the integration procedure is not a 'Customer list - Customer contact information type. If so, the only way to fix the issue is to create or select another list to sync Omnisend contacts to.

To find your customer lists in your Google Ads account, select the 'Customer' list tab from the menu on the right:

Then you'll see all the lists you have in your account already. For example, on the screenshot below, you can see a list with the 'Rule-based' type that isn't compatible with the Omnisend integration and the correct type that can be connected to Omnisend:

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