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Learn how to integrate Omnisend with your Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme

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Shopify has upgraded its theme architecture in Online Store 2.0, so turning on the Omnisend app directly in the theme editor is essential to continue using all features to their fullest functionality.

Please note: This guide applies to Dawn and Shopify themes in Online Stores 2.0

In this article, we'll walk you through the instructions for turning on the Omnisend app embed snippet.

Step 1. When in your Omnisend account, navigate to the Goals tab on your Dashboard. The first goal after you connect your Shopify store is to set your brand style.

Step 2 (Optional). Once done, three new goals will appear: Start the Cart Abandonment workflow, Start the Welcome workflow, and Launch a Signup form.

Step 3. Turn on the App embed on your Shopify theme. Select your Shopify theme and then click on the 'Turn on App Embed' button.

Step 4. Once clicked, you’ll be taken to the Shopify theme editor in a new window. Under Theme settings → App embeds, you'll see your Omnisend app embed snippet. Omnisend's app toggle should automatically be enabled by default. If it's not, click the toggle on the right-hand side so it shows as blue.

Then, be sure to click ‘Save’ before leaving Shopify Theme Settings; otherwise, the action will be incomplete.

Step 5. Return to Omnisend and click the Mark as done button in the top banner.

If you later decide to change your Shopify Theme or enable the toggle on an inactive theme. In that case, you'll be shown the following warning message: 'Your current Shopify theme has App embed functionality switched off. Turn it back on for Omnisend to work properly' with onward actions to take.

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