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Learn how to set up Abandoned products Item in your email

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By adding Abandoned Products to the content of the email message, you may show your website visitors the products they have abandoned in your store. This item enables your Abandonment automations in Omnisend as easily as clicking one button.

You can use the Abandoned product Item in the following automation workflows:

  • Product Abandonment;

  • Abandoned Cart;

  • Browse Abandonment.

To use the Abandoned Products, simply Drag and Drop the Item from the Quick add on the left sidebar.

This item will automatically pull the items your customers abandoned, so you must drag and drop it to your email and adjust the settings and design to your liking.

You can limit the number of products to show, decide what product details to include in email content, change buttons' style, choose not to show out-of-stock products, change paddings, and colors, and limit visibility using the right-hand sidebar menu.

Pick the layout of your Products (Columns or Side by side) and how many items you want to show (up to 8) by moving this toggle under the Number of products to show.

Within the Product details, you can pick which information about products you would like to include in the email:

You can also choose not to show items that are out of stock by marking the checkbox under Product display settings:

You may want to show Abandoned products or mobile or desktop users. To limit the visibility, find Display settings β†’ Choose which devices should show your Item. You can show it to:

  • all devices;

  • mobile devices only;

  • desktop devices only.

Then, you can edit the conditions of the item, and decide who should see this content block by selecting and applying conditional rules to target your contacts.

Important! Troubleshooting Issues With Missing Images in an Email.

Please do not add two or more abandoned product items in the same email. If more than one abandoned product item is added to the email, only one item will pull the images from the abandoned cart. The second item won't pull any data and will only reflect placeholders.


Is it possible to change the format of the currency?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. The position of the currency sign depends on the Presentment currency property that your store passes. If the price for the product is given in international USD format ($0.00), we will use that format.

What happens if I select a few columns layout, for example, 3 columns, and my customer abandoned only 1 product?

If you select a few columns (products in a row) and customer abandons fewer products, the number of columns will get reduced to fit the number of products abandoned. In the example below, we used 3 columns layout in the email builder but abandoned only one product.

Important note! For a nicer layout, we advise keeping all parts of the Abandoned Products item centered, as shown in the GIF below.

If you have any other questions, contact us at [email protected].

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