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Integration with Personalized Email Recommendations (by Glood.AI)
Integration with Personalized Email Recommendations (by Glood.AI)
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Personalized Email Recommendations app is a personalization platform that allows e-commerce businesses to implement product recommendations that provide an attentive and exclusive shopping experience to their users. Using Personalized Recommendations, retailers can increase conversions and average order value, ultimately boosting their revenue.



Create personalized recommendation campaigns in Glood.AI and use them in your Omnisend email campaigns.

Setup Process

Firsly, add HTML block to your email content, as shown below.

Then go to the Emails tab in your Personalized Email Recommendations account and create a new campaign:

Choose your Email Campaign type (you can choose any of these, integration supports all of them):

Select Omnisend as your Email Provider on the next step:

Edit the settings of your campaign and hit 'Save' once you're sattisfied with the result (you can check the preview below the settings section):

The HTML code will be generated. Copy it and click 'Save & Activate' button:

Then go back to your Omnisend Email editor and insert the HTML code you've copied.

That's it! You can send out the email campaign in Omnisend now. Glood campaign will be displayed in your Omnisend email content.

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