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Govalo is a gifting and store credit solution for Shopify which enables you to design an enhanced customer experience. The app allows you to create customizable gift cards, gift subscriptions, giftable products, and store credit. The integration with Omnisend enables you to fully customize the emails that are sent alongside gift products and create custom workflows to better engage gift buyers and recipients.



Build a more engaging, customized gifting experience by connecting Govalo with Omnisend. Create custom workflows and emails when a gift card is purchased, store credit issued, and a subscription or product is gifted.

Setup Process

To connect Govalo and Omnisend go to the “Integrations” tab in the Govalo app and click “Configure Omnisend”

Then authorize the access for Govalo app:

Once you’ve authenticated with Omnisend and allowed the connection with Govalo you’ll see this screen:

After that you can go to the “Configure” tab, then “Configure email templates”. Select 'Configure email templates' category:

Then you can select the email template you want to configure and change the source to “Omnisend” to send this email through Omnisend rather than from Govalo.

What Data is Passed

Once you enable the integration, 3 Custom Events will be created in your Omnisend account:

  • Received gift card: Sent when someone has purchased a gift card or you have issued one from the Govalo app. The recipient will be the person who is being sent the gift card.

  • Sent store credit: Sent when you issue store credit. The recipient will be the person who is receiving the store credit.

  • Gift card redeemed: Sent when a gift card has been redeemed. The recipient in this case will be the person who initially purchased the gift card.

All of these Events will have multiple custom event properties passed along with them. Here's a description of each of them:

  • gift_card_image: A URL to an image for the gift

  • recipient: The name of the recipient

  • gift_note: A note to the recipient

  • customer: The name of the customer who purchased the gift card

  • delivery_date: The date the gift should be delivered to the recipient

  • hash: A unique identifier for the gift

  • card_value: If it’s a gift card, this is the value of it

  • sent_to_self: indicates if the gift recipient is the same as the customer

  • sale_type: if it’s a gift card or store credit, this will be “gift_card” or “store_credit”

  • gift_card_code: The code of the gift card

  • product_id: The ID of the product being gifted

  • variant_id: The ID of the variant of the product being gifted

  • event_type: The type of the event being sent

Note! These events will be sent from Govalo to Omnisend for any email that is configured to be sent through Omnisend. So, make sure to go through all the steps in the Setup Process section.

All contacts will be passed with non-subscribed status for the Email Channel.

Setting up a Workflow Based on Govalo Custom Events

To send an email after one of the Govalo Custom Events is triggered, you can use the events sent by Govalo in a Workflow. In the workflow editor select one of the Govalo events as the workflow trigger. In this example, we'll set up a workflow based on Received gift card event.

Then add an email to the workflow.

Then add all the information about the gift card/store credit/reedemed card (based on the Custom Event that you've set as a trigger of the workflow) to the email content using personalization tags. Here's an example how a basic email would look like:

To add the gift card image, you'll need to use an HTML block. Basic code will be <img src="[[custom_event.gift_card_image]]"> , but you can work on designing it a bit more, if you know HTML.

When a real email will be sent to a recipient, it'll have the data sent to Omnisend by Govalo. Here's an example:

Since all the contacts will be passed to Omnisend with non-subscribed status, you can ask them to subscribe using Preference Management page. To add the Preference Management page link to your email use [[preference_link]] personalization tag.

To set up workflows for other custom events, repeat the steps shown in this workflow, but make sure to design the email content to fit the purpose of the Custom Event.

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