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Loox is a product review app that enables small and large brands to automatically collect customer reviews with photos and beautifully display happy customer content. Its integration with Omnisend will let you send follow-up emails after successful review submissions, and collect the information about the reviews and ratings.


Setup process

In order to connect Loox to Omnisend, you need to generate an API key in Omnisend. Store settings ➡️ Integrations & API ➡️ API Keys ➡️ Create API Key

Then proceed to your Loox account ➡️ Integrations ➡️ Select Omnisend ➡️ insert API key that you've generated ➡️ click Test button.

That's it! Custom event will be created in Omnisend.

Custom event

Once you complete the integration process, Loox will add Custom Event to your Omnisend account, find it in the Store Settings -> Integrations & API -> Custom Events.

Loox Review Submitted

Custom field name          Custom field system name        Custom field type
Review_date Review_date dateTime
Product_ID Product_ID string
Product_title Product_title string
Product_URL Product_URL string
Rating Rating integer
Author Author string
Photo_included Photo_included boolean
Order_ID Order_ID string

If you face any issues with the integration, you may also check if the event and what data was passed by Loox app to Omnisend in the Developer's console.

Setting up Automation workflow

Once you complete the integration, you will find the event mentioned above and custom fields in your automation workflow settings.

Review Created

Review Created event is triggered when someone leaves a review in your store. You may use this event to send a thank you letter to all 5-star reviewers and gather feedback from customers who left 1-4 stars in their reviews.

You may also add different tags to customer who left positive reviews and those who left bad reviews.

You may also add a few more Splits and get different tags for each of the ratings. Feel free to play around to find more benefits out of this integration 🚀

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