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Junip is an application for Shopify users that allows you to collect reviews, including photo and video reviews from your customers, and display them on your website. Its integration with Omnisend will let you send Review requests and confirmations after successful submission, and collect information about the reviews and ratings.


Setup process

1. To connect your Omnisend account to Junip, proceed to the Integrations tab in your Junip admin → choose Omnised from the list.

2. On the next page, you may check a summary of the integration benefits and click on the Install button to proceed further.

3. Here, you will need to enter the API key, generated in your Omnisend account. Make sure to provide all permissions. Once you enter the key, click on the Install button to proceed.

That's it! You will see the notification about the successful completion and Installed status next to the Omnisend app in your Junip Integrations list.

Custom events

Once you complete the integration process, Junip will add 2 Custom Events to your Omnisend account; find them in the Store Settings Integrations & API -→ Custom Events.

  1. Junip - Review submitted;

Custom field name/Custom field system name Custom field type

review_id integer
review_type string
review_body string
review_title string
store_url string
review_would_recommend boolean
review_rating integer
connection_uid string
review_identity_confirmed boolean
review_identity_confirmation_url string
test boolean
review_state string
review_verified_buyer boolean

2. Junip - Review request;

Custom field name/Custom field system name      Custom field type

order_line_item_2_image_url url
store_reviewed boolean
order_currency string
order_line_item_1_image_url url
order_line_item_1_quantity integer
order_line_item_1_review_url url
order_subtotal_price string
test boolean
order_line_item_1_id string
order_line_item_2_price string
order_line_item_1_price string
connection_uid string
order_line_item_2_review_url url
order_id string
order_line_item_2_name string
order_line_item_2_id string
store_url string
store_review_url url
order_line_item_2_quantity integer
order_review_url url
order_total_price string
all_items_reviewed boolean
order_line_item_1_name string

If you face any issues with the integration, you may also check if the event and what data was passed by the Junip app to Omnisend in the Developer's console.

Setting up Automation workflows

Once you complete the integration, you may find the events mentioned above and custom fields in your automation workflow settings.

Review Request

Junip provides comprehensive instructions for the Automation setup, defining the settings for the Trigger, Trigger filter, and Exit condition.

  • Trigger: Junip - Review Request;

  • Trigger Filter: all_items_reviewed -> "false";

  • Exit condition: Junip - Review Submitted.

Make sure you fulfill all of the requirements and don't be scared to add other blocks, such as Split Condition or A/B test.

In the personalization menu, you will see the full list of the custom fields passed with this event.

Junip app also provides detailed instructions on your Email message design. Here, you may find some recommendations on the texts and suggestions on how you can add a photo of the product to the newsletter content.

Review Submitted

Review Submitted event is triggered when someone leaves a review in your store. You may use this event to send a thank you letter or to add different tags based on the review rating.

You may also add a few more Splits and get different tags for each of the ratings. Feel free to play around to find more benefits out of this integration 🚀

If you have questions or need some assistance, reach out to our Support Team via in-app chat or at [email protected].

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