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AI-generated Content in Emails
AI-generated Content in Emails

Learn how to use AI features in Omnisend

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The world constantly evolves, and keeping up with the latest technologies is crucial for businesses to remain competitive. Here at Omnisend, we totally get it, and that's why we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

We're excited to explore and incorporate innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our product and help your business grow with us. With AI-generated content, you can take your customer experience to the next level, boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and grow your business more efficiently than ever before. Let's team up and take advantage of these game-changing tools to bring your business to new heights!

This user guide will walk you through the various features and benefits of using AI assistants to enhance your email experience. Let's get started.


Before you begin

  • To ensure the best quality of your content, we highly recommend that you take the time to set up your Brand Assets in the store settings before generating AI content.

  • Please note that you should have store connected, and it must be working in order to generate AI content.

AI-Generated Subject Lines

Coming up with an engaging subject line can be a challenge. Our AI-based subject line generator is here to help. Follow these steps to generate catchy subject lines effortlessly:

Step 1. Create an email campaign and click Generate subject line.

Step 2. Enter a topic related to your email content and click Generate subject lines. Our AI assistant will provide four different suggestions for subject lines based on your topic.

Step 3. Apply or Generate Again Review the suggested subject lines. If you find one that suits your needs, simply click Apply to use it. If none of the suggestions work for you, click Generate subject lines again for more options.

Step 4. Review and Regenerate You can always review and regenerate the subject line later. If you need to make changes or want fresh ideas, click on the subject line field again and follow the steps above.

AI-Text Assistant

Generating the subject line was easy enough, but we want to make things even easier for you. We've implemented an AI assistant that is compatible with any text-based Item. This means you have the power to harness the benefits of advanced technology, which can significantly enhance your productivity and streamline your daily tasks.

Our AI-text assistant within the Email Builder can significantly boost your email productivity. It offers the following benefits:

  • Writing Assistance. Improve your writing skills with the help of our AI text assistant. It suggests alternative phrases, corrects grammar and spelling errors, and offers stylistic suggestions. These enhancements will help you communicate your ideas more effectively and professionally.

  • Time-Saving. Save time by leveraging the AI assistant's ability to provide quick and relevant information. If you need specific statistics or references, simply ask the AI assistant to find them for you. It eliminates the need for manual searches, allowing you to focus on crafting your email content.

  • Language Polishing. Refine your language and make your emails more impactful. The AI text assistant can suggest alternative words or phrases to convey your message more persuasively, diplomatically, or appropriately for your intended audience. It ensures that your emails are polished and effectively deliver your message.

Remember to utilize the Email Builder interface to access these AI-powered features and enhance your email writing process.

Ask AI to write more by selecting the text item you'd like to edit. You will see a few options on how you can edit your text:

Tips and Tricks: Subject Line Generator

Here we will walk you through the recommended structure and provide examples of input prompts and their corresponding results.

Recommended Structure

When using Omnisend’s AI Subject Line Generator, it's essential to follow a structured approach to achieve the best results. We recommend the following format:

1. Special Offer Promotion: Start with highlighting special offers, such as free shipping, discounts, or site-wide sales. Use keywords to indicate the offer details.

2. Products/Collection/Occasion Promotion: Promote specific products, collections, or occasions in your subject lines. Clearly state the relevant details to attract your audience, like Valentine's Day.

3. Time Limit/Urgency Promotion: Create a sense of urgency by adding time limits or urgency keywords. Encourage quick actions from your recipients. Use words like "a 24-hour sale", "one week only", or urgency keywords like “buy now”.

4. Add Instructions about Mood, Character Count, etc. Guide the AI on the desired tone, mood, character count, and any other specific requirements for your subject lines.

Tip 💡 You can write full in sentences or simply use keywords 💡

Examples of Input Prompts and Results

Now, let's explore some examples of input prompts and their corresponding results to better understand how to use the AI Subject Line Generator effectively:

Adding Some Humor to Your Subject Line


Free shipping, back to school, backpacks. The tone should be funny or witty.


Back to School + Free Shipping = Best Backpack Deal Ever!

Where There's a Backpack, There's a Way - With Free Shipping

Adding Emojis


25% discount sitewide, all products, 24 hours only. Add relevant emojis. Write at least 40 characters but at most 50 characters.


25% 🤑 Everything Must Go! 24 Hours Only!

24 hrs Only! 🤑 25% OFF Sitewide!

Creating Time Limit/Urgency Promotion


Free shipping, back to school, stationery, buy now. Add relevant emojis. Write at least 40 characters.


📓 Back to School Supplies + Free Shipping 📦 Buy Now!

📦 Free Shipping on Back to School Stationery 💼 Buy Now!

Be Serious, Set the Tone


Save the whales, donate to Whale Saving Charity. This is not a promotional campaign. The tone needs to be serious.


Your Help is Needed: Donate to a Whale Saving Charity

Be a Hero: Donate Today to Save the Whales

In Other Languages

Our AI Subject Line Generator also supports other languages. Here's an example in Italian:

Input (Italian):

25% di sconto, ciotole in ceramica, solo oggi


25% di sconto su ciotole in ceramica: solo oggi!

Risparmia fino al 25% su ciotole in ceramica: solo oggi!

With Omnisend’s AI Subject Line Generator, you can craft powerful and engaging subject lines for your email campaigns effortlessly. Follow the recommended structure, provide clear input prompts, and tailor the AI's tone and style to match your brand.

Remember to edit the generated subject lines to ensure they align perfectly with your email content and brand identity. Start using the AI Subject Line Generator today and watch your email open rates soar!

Tips and Tricks: AI Text Assistant

By following the recommended structure and using natural language prompts, you can efficiently craft emails that align with your brand style and effectively communicate your message.

Recommended Structure

To maximize the effectiveness of the AI Email Text Assistant, it is essential to structure your email content in a logical and organized manner. Follow these guidelines to create coherent and engaging emails:

1. Break your Email into Logical Paragraphs: Divide your email content into separate paragraphs, each conveying a distinct idea or message.

2. Communicate One Idea per Paragraph: Use one prompt to generate content for a single paragraph. This approach ensures clarity and focus within each section of your email.

3. First Paragraph Reflects the Subject Line: The first paragraph should elaborate on the subject line to maintain consistency and relevance throughout the email.

4. Add Additional Relevant Details: After the initial paragraph, incorporate relevant details, product information, images, or any other content that enhances your email's purpose.

Tip 💡 When using the AI Email Text Assistant, remember that the generation recommendations are comparable to those of the AI subject line generator. However, here's a valuable difference – you have the flexibility to enter queries in natural, full sentences. To make the process even smoother, consider starting your requests with "I want to." This simple approach enhances the AI's understanding of your intentions, resulting in more precise and tailored email content. Happy crafting! 💡

Example Email Structure

Let's explore an example of how to use the AI Email Text Assistant to craft an email promoting back-to-school backpacks with free shipping for purchases made within the next 24 hours.

Subject line: 📓24 Hrs Only: Back to School Backpack + Free Shipping📦

Structure for This Email:

Paragraph 1: Expand on the Subject Line


My subject line for this email is: "📓24 Hrs Only: Back to School Backpack + Free Shipping📦" I want to explain this concept in 1-3 sentences but keep the tone celebratory.


Get ready for the new school year with style and practicality! For 24 hours only, get free shipping on our backpacks - don't miss out on this exciting offer!

Paragraph 2: Which Items are Valid (Show Product Details/Images/Prices, etc.)


I want to show that this offer is valid for four products: Green backpack, Yellow backpack, Red backpack, and Magenta backpack. Keep the same celebratory tone. Make it appealing. Don’t mention 24 hours or free shipping.


Our Green, Yellow, Red, and Magenta backpacks are the perfect way to start the school year off with a splash. Get your hands on one of these trend-setting backpacks and be the envy of your classmates! Grab yours now and get ready to show off your style!

Paragraph 3: Tell What’s Special About These Backpacks


In 2-4 sentences, I want to explain that these backpacks are ethically sourced. They are made from organic fibers and can last for up to 7 years.


Our backpacks are ethically sourced and made from organic fibers, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. The material is designed to be durable and can last up to 7 years, meaning you can enjoy your backpack for a long time.

We believe in creating a better world and take pride in knowing that our backpacks are created with sustainability in mind.

Manual Editing for Personalization

To achieve a personalized touch, don't hesitate to manually edit the AI-generated text to reflect your unique brand voice and identity. By tailoring the content to suit your specific audience and campaign goals, you can create a more compelling and impactful email.

Product Details and Images

It's important to note that while the AI Email Text Assistant can assist with crafting the email's textual content, you will need to add product details, images, and other media elements manually. This ensures that your email showcases your products or services effectively, capturing the attention of your recipients.

Regeneration for Perfection

Should you encounter any areas where the generated text might not sound as desired, don't worry! You can easily hit the "Regenerate Text" button to prompt the AI to produce alternative variations. This feature allows you to explore different options until you find the ideal wording that resonates with your audience.

Remember to maintain a clear structure, use natural language prompts, and edit the generated text to fit your brand's style.

By following these guidelines, you'll be able to craft emails that deliver your message effectively and drive engagement with your subscribers.

Start using the AI Email Text Assistant today and take your email marketing to new heights!

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