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This guide will explore a crucial aspect of maintaining effective communication with your customers—managing contact statuses.

With recent changes in contact status logic across some ecommerce platforms, it's essential to adapt and ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR.

Omnisend Consent Management Settings allow you to navigate these changes seamlessly, minimizing contact loss while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Please be aware that this feature is currently exclusively available and applicable to Shopify users.

Before You Begin

Before proceeding with the setup, it's crucial to understand the recent changes in contact status logic.

Previously, subscribers who made a purchase on your platform remained subscribed. However, under the new logic, subscribers transition to an unsubscribed status after a purchase unless they explicitly opt-in during checkout.

Here are some important points to note about Consent Management Settings:

  • Preventing Contact Loss. Our goal is to prevent you from losing contacts unnecessarily due to changes in contact status logic.

  • Single Source of Truth. Despite the changes, Omnisend remains the single source of truth for contact statuses if you go with the default setting (Option 2) described below.

  • GDPR Compliance. Omnisend continues offering GDPR-compliant methods for unsubscribing, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Functionality Preservation. Everything will work as it used to, except for the opt-out (unsubscribes) sync if you choose to keep the default setting (Option 2).

Setup Process

Begin by logging into your account and navigating to the Store Settings. From there, find Consent Management to access the available options.

Here, you'll have two choices designed to streamline contact status management.

Choose the option that fits your requirements, and Omnisend will handle the rest, ensuring that your subscriber information remains accurate and compliant.

Option 1. Sync unsubscribes from your ecommerce platform to Omnisend

Enabling this option ensures that unsubscribes made on your ecommerce platform are synchronized with Omnisend.

This means that any contacts who didn't mark that they accept marketing communication during the checkout or unsubscribe directly on your platform will automatically be marked as unsubscribed within your Omnisend account.

By synchronizing unsubscribes, you can maintain consistency across platforms and ensure that your contact list remains up-to-date.

Option 2. Keep contacts as subscribers (default)

With option 2 enabled, Omnisend is the primary repository for contact statuses, overriding any opt-outs or unsubscribes made on your ecommerce platform.

This means that contacts will remain subscribed in Omnisend even if they opt out of marketing communications on your ecommerce platform (through the checkout process or if you manually unsubscribe them through the admin).

All other data transferring will work and sync as usual, including opt-ins and contact properties, except for the opt-out feature.

While this default setting may result in a divergence between contact statuses across platforms, it simplifies contact management by maintaining a consistent subscriber base within Omnisend.

Important Notes

  • When you choose Option 2, Omnisend becomes the primary place for keeping track of who's subscribed to your messages. This means that even if someone unsubscribes or opts out in your ecommerce platform, they'll still be counted as a subscriber in Omnisend.

  • Rest assured, even if you stick with Option 2, Omnisend ensures everything stays GDPR compliant. That means your subscribers' privacy is always respected, no matter what option you choose.

  • Please be aware that we do not synchronize opt-outs that have been ignored back to Shopify. This could result in possible discrepancies in subscription statuses between Omnisend and Shopify.

By implementing the Consent Management feature, you're streamlining your contact management process and safeguarding your compliance with privacy regulations.

Whether you're syncing unsubscribes from your ecommerce platform or keeping contacts as subscribers in Omnisend, our platform provides the tools and support you need to succeed.

With Omnisend, you can focus on what matters most—building meaningful connections with your audience and growing your business.

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