I can send my Campaign to # of contacts only. How can I send it to all of them? When you choose to send the Campaign to all of your contacts, Omnisend filters out subscribed contacts only. You can create a Segment of subscribed contacts to see how many of them can receive your newsletter.

When I connect a store to Omnisend, will my customer's purchase history populate to Omnisend automatically? Yes, once you connect your store to Omnisend, we start syncing your contacts and information about the orders they have placed. The synchronization time may vary depending on your store platform, but Omnisend will get all the data your store has collected.

Why don't I see any orders and products in my customer profile page? Omnisend is using Web Tracking to track and record the information about the products and orders the customer has placed. This information has a lower priority and is stored in your customers' profiles for a limited period. Omnisend also syncs the information from your store. That data is stored on the backend and is used for Segmentation, for example, when you set the filter to order placed within the last # of days, Omnisend pulls the data synced from your store.

Does Omnisend sync contacts with archived status in MailChimp? No, it doesn't. But if you have them in your store platform, it will sync them from the store directly.

Is there a limit in the number of rows that can be imported at once? There is no limit to the number of rows, but you can upload the file containing 50 columns only. If you wish to add more data, we suggest uploading your contacts in two batches, every time mapping their identifier (email address or the phone number) and new data you have to import.

If already subscribed contact, subscribes again, but with both email and phone number, will it update the contact information? Yes, the information about the contact will be updated with the new entry (phone number). Find more information on how Omnisend updates your contacts data here.

Is it possible to restore unsubscribed contacts without deleting and re-adding them? Yes, it is possible. Every unsubscribed contact has the opt-out date in his Omnisend profile. To change the contact status from unsubscribed to subscribed, you should upload it from the file with the opt-in date later than the opt-out one.

Is there a way to change the status of a subscribed contact to "non-subscribed"?

The only way to add a contact with non-subscribed status manually is to import it from the file and uncheck the check-box next to the import as subscriber option.

How can I check where my contacts are coming from? All contacts added to Omnisend have a source tag assigned to their profiles. Based on this tag you can identify the source of the contact.

Why Omnisend has only one Address field? When syncing the data from your store, Omnisend is merging them into a single one.

How can I pass GDPR and TCPA consents collected with Klaviyo to Omnisend? It is not possible to pass the consents collected with another service. The consent records displayed in your Omnisend account, only show the consents collected by Omnisend.

Is there any way to see why contacts were removed from a workflow? The customer may exit the workflow due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • the change in the contact status — if your customer unsubscribed, reported you as spam or the email address bounced;

  • the exit condition is satisfied (most of the automation workflows have the default trigger set to Order is Placed);

  • the workflow got disabled due to the change in the pricing plan or was disabled manually.

Although there is no way to check the list of the contacts with the cancelation reasons listed, you can always verify if your contact satisfies any of the mentioned conditions.

What is the difference between the date added and opt-in date properties in the customer profile? Date added field shows when contacts were added to Omnisend. Opt-in date, when they subscribed to receive your marketing. There is also external_created property showing when your contacts were added to your store, in case it is different from the date added one.

If you still have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us using in-app chat or at [email protected].

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