Migrate subscribers that you have collected in Mailchimp to Omnisend with ease as there's no need to export them first and import from file later. Built-in integration enables to skip the selection of attributes step.


Before you start

You can import the following fields from your Mailchimp subscribers lists to Omnisend:

  • Default fields (First name, Last name, Phone, Address line 1, City, State, Zip code, Country code). During the import these fields will be mapped with the fields in your Omnisend subscriber profile
  • Stats (average open rate, average click rate). These fields will be added to the contacts profile as a custom property with a prefix mailchimp_[stats_name];
  • VIP tag. Will be imported as a custom property with the same prefix mailchimp_
  • All other tags, Those will be imported with prefix mailchimp_[tag_name]. Just note, spaces in name will be changed to underscore (_) symbol and any symbols we don't support, such as #$%^&* will be deleted. If we we already have the same tag name in the system, the system will automatically add numbering, ex: mailchimp_tag_1, mailchimp_tag_2; etc.
  • Language property. It will be imported as custom property and it will be named "language" (without "mailchimp_" prefix).

Subscriber data additional to default properties will be imported as Custom properties to Omnisend.

How it works

API key is all you need to transfer your subscribers from MailChimp to Omnisend.

1. Generate an API key in Mailchimp and copy it.
2. In your Omnisend account go to Customers > Choose a list where to want to import your Mailchimp subscribers or create a new one > Add Subscribers > Choose Mailchimp.
3. Paste your API key into the field and click Continue.

4. Select the lists you would like to import and click Import. Omnisend will do the rest for you.
Your subscribers will be imported to the lists. Keep in mind that it might take some time to import all the contacts, as Mailchimp limits on how quickly we can pull your data from them.


Check out this short video for more info on contact import.


Have any additional questions? Feel free to contact us at support@omnisend.com.

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