Justuno is a 3rd party app which provides various popups to collect new email subscribers. Link Justuno with Omnisend and your new subscribers will conveniently appear on your Omnisend account.

Setup process

1. Log In to your Omnisend account and create, then copy your API key. Be sure to choose custom permission:

  • Contacts (allows to create, edit, download, delete subscribers). 

Note: you will have five pre-created lists, called "Integration segment x" that you will be able to send your contacts to. This is available to ensure you are able to categorize and organize your contacts coming from Justuno!

Learn more on how to create your API key on Omnisend.
2. While in the promotion management view on Justuno, navigate to Edit Design and enter the Design Canvas

3. While in the design canvas, select the email field. The Form Options menu appearing on the right hand side has an option to Change Form, select that now.

4. If an existing integration is set, select Change Integration at the top left of the form editor, otherwise select the tile that is labeled Omnisend and proceed to enter your API Key to link the promotion form fields to Retention Science. Then select a list to link to Justuno.

5. Add or remove fields as desired, then Click Create Form to complete the integration process

Upon creation of the form in the design canvas, you will note on the right hand side where the Change Form option is located, that Integration Type now reads as Omnisend.

That's it! You have now connected Omnisend to Justuno's promotion. All new contacts will be automatically pushed to Omnisend. But remember - you'll need to connect each Justuno promotion separately.

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