The order follow-up email (aka Thank-you email) is sent after a purchase is completed. It belongs to automated emails’ family and can be set up by all Shopify and Bigcommerce store owners that use Omnisend Standard and Pro Plans.

For a Step by Step guide on How to Set the Order Follow-up email, please click here.

Which are the follow-up email triggers?

Due to the differences on the e-commerce platform, different order status triggers this automated email.

For Shopify stores, the order status has to be “paid”. When the order status becomes “paid”, the follow-up email is triggered and sent according to the timing you set up.

In Bigcommerce stores, the order status can be the one of the following:

  • "Shipped",
  • "Partially Shipped",
  • "Awaiting Pickup",
  • "Awaiting Shipment",
  • "Completed",
  • "Awaiting Fulfillment".

When an Order follow-up email can be sent?

The follow-up email most often is sent immediately after the purchase is completed and order status becomes as mentioned earlier. However, in Omnisend you can schedule it whenever you like. The timing starts just after the order status changes.

Should I use a Discount Code?

Some of our clients offer a discount on the next purchase by including a discount element in the email. This practice is not mandatory, but if you want to do the same, read about the use of the discount element.

What should I say in this email?

Once the purchase is made, what else should I say to the customer? The answer is “Thank you”. Show your appreciation and interact with him/her once again. Follow-up emails are great for:

  • Inviting customers to connect on social media. Say thank-you and include big and clear call-to-action buttons linking to your social media. In this way, you will attract new followers and be able to reach them through different media, which is great for remarketing.
  • Adding value to your brand. Positive feedback will reinforce positive feelings about your products.
  • Sending an invitation to leave a review on your store.
  • Offering a discount on the next purchase, etc. A small present after the purchase will leave a good impression.

For a Step by Step guide on How to Set the Order Follow-up email, please click here.

Check out some Thank-you email examples.

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