OptiMonk is a 3rd party app which lets you track visitor behavior and detect exiting visitors. You can get more email subscribers with various pop-up forms and nanobars available on OptiMonk. If you integrate Optimonk with Omnisend, all captured leads will automatically be imported to Omnisend.

Integrating OptiMonk with Omnisend

1. When editing a campaign in your OptiMonk admin scroll towards integrations and Select Omnisend from the list.

2. You will need to create Omnisend API key to integrate with OptiMonk. In your Omnisend account go to Store settings in your Profile menu > Integrations & API > API key > click Create API key

3. Copy API Key > go back to OptiMonk > paste it into the API Key field > enter the name of this integration.

4.  In the next step you can add tags so that thecontacts that will subscribe via Optimonk campaign will have appropriate tags in Omnisend. You can also decide whether you would like that welcome automation workflow to be triggered for those subscribers or whether to pass some additional fields to Omnisend.

That's it! Now, whenever a visitor signs up through the OptiMonk campaign you configured, those subscribers will be automatically added to your Omnisend contact list.

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