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Learn how to integrate Intercom with your Omnisend account

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By integrating your Intercom account with Omnisend, you will get even more opportunities to acquire, engage, and retain your customers. Continue reading this article to find out how you can integrate this platform with Omnisend and what benefits this integration provides.

This integration is available for our users on all the pricing plans.



After you complete the integration with Intercom, you will get the following benefits:

  • Trigger different messages when the customer rates the conversation in the Intercom.

  • Capture new email subscribers in your messenger home or right from the Intercom inbox.

  • Sync the information about leads and clients so you could segment and trigger the automation workflows based on tags, segments, and other information.

Setup process

Here is how you can integrate Intercom with Omnisend:

  1. Click on your brand name in the top right corner -> open Apps tab:

    2. Find the Smile app and click the 'Connect now' button.

3. You'll be redirected to Authorize tab, where you'll need to click the 'Grant Access' button:

4. Review and allow Omnisend to Access the data mentioned on the page.

Finally, you’ll see the confirmation page and will be able to start using Omnisend for Intercom.

Trigger automation when the review is left

After you complete the integration with Intercom, we create a custom event in your account. You may find it in Store Settings -> Custom events.

Here, you can also see the properties this event contains.

Later this event may be used in the Automation workflow settings. Since you need to define the workflow trigger manually, it is better to go with the Custom workflow, that doesn't have the default trigger.

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The trigger should be set to Intercom Review Created, while the trigger filter can take one of the following values:

  • Review rating

  • Review Remark

Once you select the filter, you may also specify what values it takes. For example, you may send different emails to the customers leaving the positive evaluation and to the ones leaving a negative rate. You may even add two splits to send different emails for all, positive, neutral, and negative rates.

Capture new email subscribers

Once the integration is complete on the Omnisend side, you may add a sign-up field to your messenger or to the conversation with the customer.

Add a Sign-up Form to the Messenger

  1. Go to Messenger settings

2. Choose to Add an app to the Messenger -> select Omnisend from the drop-down

3. Finally, you should choose what text should be displayed in the sign-up from field

Once you are done with all of the settings, click on the Save and set live button for the change to become visible in the Messenger.

Note, you need to set-up two different messages for the Visitors and Users.

  • Tag will identify the source of the contacts added to your Omnisend account as Intercom

  • Title should inform your subscribers that providing the email address to the form the customer subscribes to your marketing emails

  • Description can be used to encourage your customers to subscribe, provide incentive, offer the discount, etc.

  • Confirmation the information your customer will see after subscribing

  • Reward text (optional)

When collecting your customers' opt-ins, you should also encourage them to read the marketing materials you send. Therefore the excellent idea is to offer your customer to check the inbox for the discount code, thus shifting the focus to the inbox communication.

Let's check how sign-up forms look on the customer side.

Add a Sign-up Form to the Intercom

Choose to add the form from the application menu and fill in the information that will be shown in the Sign-up form settings.

Trigger Welcome automation

We do not automatically trigger the Welcome automation in Omnisend, but you may set-up the automation triggered by the tag assigned in the Intercom. However, keep in mind that contacts will be synced to Omnisend with non-subscribed status (both email and phone number). So, if you want to ask customers to subscribe to your promotional content, make sure to add such an option to your email content. We advise using preference management page link.

Here is the example of the Segment you may use:

The same Segment should be used in Automation workflow settings.

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Sync the information about the leads and users

Once the integration is complete, we will start syncing your contacts and the information about them.

  1. Phone & Email as identifiers

  2. Intercom user tags

Both Phone and Email address are synced to Omnisend as non-subscribers.

Phone & Email

Emails and phone numbers collected in Intercom are synced to Omnisend with the subscription status set to non-subscribed.

Note, due to technical limitations, the phone number will be imported on initial sync and updated when any of the tags from Intercom are updated (added or removed).

Intercom user tags

All of the tags added to Intercom are synced in real-time and assigned with intercom key-word (ex: intercom: vip, intercom: engaged). If you want to trigger the automation based on the tag from the customer's profile, you may check if the customer has a certain tag assigned to his account.

Later this Segment can be used to trigger the workflow as soon as the customer enters the Segment.


Is it possible to pass contacts from a single account in the Intercom to different accounts in Omnisend? No, it is not possible. The initial sync will add all contacts to both of the accounts. Later they might be filtered with the tags synced from Intercom.

Have any additional questions? Talk to us at [email protected].

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