Order follow-up email (aka Thank-you email) is sent after a purchase is completed. It belongs to automated emails’ family and can be set up by all Shopify and Bigcommerce store owners that use Omnisend Trial, Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans.


Before you start

With Order Follow-up email you can show appreciation and interact with the customer after the purchase is made.

Follow-up emails are great for:

  • Inviting customers to connect on social media. Say Thank You and include big and clear call-to-action buttons linking to your social media. 
  • Adding value to your brand - positive feedback will reinforce positive feelings about your products.
  • Sending an invitation to leave a review on your store.
  • Offering a discount on the next purchase.


Due to the differences on the e-commerce platforms, order follow-up email is triggered by different order status.

For Shopify stores, when order status becomes “paid”, a follow-up email is triggered and sent out according to the timing you set up.

For Bigcommerce stores, order status can be one of the following:

  • "Shipped",
  • "Partially Shipped",
  • "Awaiting Pickup",
  • "Awaiting Shipment",
  • "Completed",
  • "Awaiting Fulfillment".

Order follow-up email if often sent immediately after the purchase is completed or you can schedule a particular time with Omnisend.

And more, you can offer your customer a discount on the next purchase by including a discount element in the email

Set up process

  1. Go to Automation Tab and click Create Workflow:

2. Select Repeat Buyer, then Order Follow-up:

3. Click Edit Workflow:

You have an option to add different trigger rules to target customers when order status changes:

Edit audience settings to trigger your automation for the specific audience only, more about creating a segment here

4. Set the Delay:

Important: the delays will always be counted starting from the end of the previous event, not from the trigger. 

5. Edit Content - change email content, add or remove elements, adjust fonts, colors, apply the design, etc... You can also Preview your Email or Send test to yourself a Test email:

Don't forget to click Save once the changes are done! And add a discount element if you wish to treat your customer more:

6. Review your email, click Enable Workflow and your customers will start receiving your Order Follow-up emails.

Have any questions? Contact us at support@omnisend.com.

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