Using the Product Picker

Product Picker can be used each time you are setting up your campaign or automated email. Locate Start picking button. Click on the engine icon to open the Settings and adjust them to your preferences:

Product Picker settings

Once you are happy with the settings, click on START PICKING it to start the picking process.

Now you are directed to your online store where you can see all your products. Decide on which items you want to see in your newsletter. Click to go to the product page.

Once you are on the product page, click “+”. To add more products, go to another product page and repeat.

When the picking is finished, click on a “tick” to come back to the editor.

Voilà! Products that you have selected are added to the newsletter. 

You can also launch the Product Picker directly from Product element by clicking on the Shopping cart icon and the process is the same as described above.



⚠️ Message unexpected error occurred

If you get an error message that an "unexpected error occurred" while using our Product picker, we just recommend to clear cache and cookies. Once you do that, the Product picker will work swiftly!

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