Product Picker is a tool that helps you add products to your emails directly from the store. Everything, the product's image, description, price, and link to the product, can be passed automatically.


Before you start

New Email Builder: Product Picker

Classic Email Builder: Product Picker

Before you start

  • Product Picker can be used in both Email Campaigns and Automation workflows.

  • If your store is integrated via API, you will need to add our front-end snippets before you can start using Product Picker. Check our Developers' guidance for details.

New Email Builder: Product Picker

Step 1. To start picking products from your store, you need to add a Product Listing block to your email content.

Step 2. Once the Item is added to your email, you should click the Pick products from the store button → Scroll down the list and click Add products directly from your store:

Step 3. You will be brought to your store. Now, all you need to do is to go to the product pages you want to add to your email and click on the plus sign on the right menu to add it to the email. Pick as many as you need, and once you are done, click on the ✔️:

Step 4. Re-arrange the products the way you like. Select the number of rows and product data you want to include (Image, Name, Description, Price, Button). Change paddings to your liking and decide which devices this block should be shown on.

Remember that everything within the block is customizable, and you can edit it whenever you want. Just click on the selected area.

Please note that if you have started to pick products via the store, you will need to add another product listing block if you decide to select products from the list instead and vice versa.

For example, if you decide to add more products to the same block and click Add products, you will be taken to pick products from the website again and won't be able to select them from the list:

If you decide that you want to add products from the list, just add another product listing block to your email from the Quick-add menu:

Classic Email Builder: Product Picker

First, you can click the Start Picking button that will automatically add the Product listing block with all of the selected products.

You may also add the Product Listing block first and then choose to fill it with products.

Before you start picking the products in your store, you may also choose what and how the information should be displayed.

Here you may choose:

  • the number of products displayed in a single row (up to 4 products can be shown);

  • the information about the products, including product photo, title, description, current and old price;

  • name of the button with the link to the product's page;

  • price format (ex. 10000.00; 10, 000.00; 10000,00; 10 000,00);

  • currency format (ex. $100, 100 $, 100 USD, USD 100, 100);

  • choose whether you want to hide decimals for the whole number or not.

When happy with the settings, click on START PICKING it to start the picking process.

Once you click on the button, you'll be brought to the store with a small Product Picker tool displayed in the right corner of the screen. Then go to the page of the product you want to add and click on the "+" button.

To add more products, go to another product page and repeat.

Voilà! Products that you have selected are added to the newsletter. 

Even after the products are added to the email, you may still change the block layout in the editor.

You may simply empty the field if you don't want to show the Old price or the product description.


⚠️ Message: Unexpected error occurred

If you get an error message that an "unexpected error occurred" while using our Product picker, we just recommend trying to use the tool in the Incognito window of your browser. If you find that recommendation helpful, try clearing the cache and cookies. Once you do that, the Product picker will work swiftly!

⚠️ Product Picker doesn't work on Safari or Chrome

Try disabling Prevent cross-site tracking feature in the browser settings (Preferences > Privacy). Same for Chrome, Settings > Privacy&Security > Cookies and site data.

⚠️ Product Picker is shown on my website even after I picked the products

The Product picker tool would never be displayed on your customer's side, so no worries about at all. To fix the problem, try using a different browser or clearing cache and cookies in your current browser.

⚠️ When I select a product from the listing, it adds different data than the one on my website.

It means that you've updated this product on your end after submitting the product data to Omnisend initially. If you want the product to have correct data in the product listing, you'll need to send updated product data to Omnisend: Also, you can just use the on-website Product Picker.

If you still have any issues, please email us at [email protected] with the full description of the problem and your browser version.

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