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Give access to Activity and Error logs to your Developer(s)

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In the Developers console, you may find the information about the data exchanged between your store or a 3rd party application with Omnisend. Here, you or your website developer may check if the integration was successful and, if not, what errors Omnisend is returning.

This article will explain how you can add a developer's account to your store and how and what information you can check there.

Before you start

  • There is no option to make any changes in the codes from the Developer Console.

  • Only API-based integrations can be tracked in the Developer's console. If the integration uses webhooks to pass data, you won't be able to view the payload in the Developer's console.

  • The Developer has a store level of access. If you have two stores registered under the same account and want your Developer to access both accounts, you must add the Developer to both.

  • API-based ecommerce integrations include Magento and Woocommerce platforms.

Adding a Developer to your store

The process of providing Developer access to your Omnisend account consists of two stages:

  • Creating a Developer Console Account;

  • Adding a Developer to your Omnisend account.

You will need to create the Developer Console Account only. Later, the same developer's credentials can be added to Omnisend store records.

Developer Console Account

You may access the Developer's account on the Developer Center page.

You may simply log in with your credentials if you already have a Developer account in Omnisend. If you don't have an account yet, you will need to Register one:

Once you have an account in the Developer's Center, you must add yourself as a Developer user to your Omnisend account.

Developer User

As the account owner, you must create this user account for your Developer. Just go to Store Settings -> Settings -> Developers -> click Add Developer.

Enter the Developer's email address as the next step.

At this point, you have done all you needed to. Now, your Developer will get an email to verify their email. Once they confirm it, they can access the Developers Console and see the Logs your store's Omnisend account is reporting.

As you can see from the screenshot, a single developer can get access to many different stores and platforms.

Access logs

If you switch to the Access logs tab, you can view the information about the successful requests passed to Omnisend.

You may also filter the information based on the following:

  • endpoints;

  • method;

  • status code.

While on the Access logs page, you may find the list of the Successful requests, on the Error logs page, you may find the details about those that failed.

Let's imagine when you need to troubleshoot your Abandoned Cart automation performance. You already checked the workflow settings and didn't find any issues. That's when you should check the request in the Developer's console.

Another situation when the Developer's console may come in handy is troubleshooting 3rd party app integration with Omnisend. Let's imagine the 3rd party app is not adding a contact to our list.

In that case, we can filter out the responses to the contact endpoints. After clicking on the View option next to the Response option, you will see Omnisend's Response to an unsuccessful attempt to add a contact.

After checking the Response, you will know what might be wrong in your store or integration settings.

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