The Developer Console allows your Developer to check and monitor your integrated store with Omnisend. 

To be able to check if the integration was successful, your developer will need to Register in the Developer Console and also will need to have a user created in your account (don't worry, this will not give him access to your Omnisend account). 

Important! There is no option to make any changes in the codes from the Developer Console.

Developer Console Account

This is available in the Developer Center.

If the Developer doesn't have an account, he/she will need to Register:

If he/she already has an account will just need to Login with their credentials:

Once this step is done, he/she will need to Get access to your store logs. This is done by creating a Developer use in your Omnisend Account.

Developer User

As the account owner you will need to create this user account for your Developer. Just go to Store Settings > Settings > Developers > click Add Developer:

Enter the Developer's email address:

At this point you have done all you needed to. Now your Developer will get an email to verify his/her email. As soon as they verify it they will be able to access the Developers Console and see the Logs your store is reporting

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