Integration with Omnisend for WordPress Plugin

Learn how to connect Omnisend with a WordPress plugin.

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The Omnisend for WordPress plugin connects to Omnisend email marketing tool and allows other plugins to send form data and contact information to Omnisend automatically. This makes it simple to segment your contacts and send them personalized emails.



Before we move further, let's list all the benefits you get with the integration:

  • Connect your WordPress site to Omnisend email marketing tool;

  • Automations: Welcome, Birthday, Browse Abandonment;

  • Subscriber list segmentation;

  • Full reports of the Forms, Automations, and Campaigns;

  • Campaign Booster and A/B test Campaign.

  • You get to integrate with additional add-ons that are in WordPress.

Before You Start

If you're using the WooCommerce plugin - please follow the instructions described in this article to learn how to connect Omnisend with WooCommerce.

Omnisend for WordPress plugin offers limited integration that can be enhanced with add-ons.

Setup Process

You can connect WordPress to Omnisend in two ways - either through Omnisend or through WordPress.

Connecting through WordPress:

Step 1. Install the WordPress app in Omnisend or generate an API key as described here.

Step 2. Install and activate Omnisend for WordPress plugin in your WP-admin.

Step 3. Go to Omnisend tab, enter the API key, and click 'Connect to Omnisend'.

Step 4. You can now easily create, publish, and manage forms to collect subscribers, segment them, and send email campaigns.

Connecting through Omnisend:

Step 1. In Omnisend's main dashboard, click 'Connect your store' button.

Step 2. Select WordPress as an option.

Step 3. On the next window, click on 'Install Omnisend plugin' button where afterwards you'll be redirected to WordPress' marketplace.

Step 4. Install and activate Omnisend for WordPress plugin in your WP-admin.

Step 5. Copy the API key that's provided in Omnisend and paste it in WordPress and click on 'Connect to Omnisend' button.

Step 6. In Omnisend, check API connection whether integration works correctly:

What data is passed

Here's the list of values that can be passed to Omnisend:

  • Email Address;

  • First Name;

  • Last Name;

If you wish to pass more fields to Omnisend, you'd need to install additional plugins into WordPress.

If you run into any issues or have questions - don't hesitate to contact us through in-app chat or [email protected] for 24/7 support!

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