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Learn how to integrate Omnisend with Mesa

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Mesa makes it easy to build workflow automations for Shopify stores. Connect your apps, integrate data systems, send notifications, and even schedule changes. Grow your business and get more done with what you already have.



Connect Omnisend with more than 50 apps from the Mesa integrations directory to pass data to Omnisend and sync it from Omnisend.

Available Omnisend events:

  1. Trigger Mesa workflow when: Cart is created in Omnisend, Order is created in Omnisend, Product is created in Omnisend

  2. Do this, when Mesa workflow is triggered:

  • Campaigns: Grab all details about the Campaign, Remove a Campaign, Obtain a List of Campaigns, Retrieve Campaign Contact, List Campaigns Contacts, Create Campaign Action Start;

  • Carts: Create a Cart, Retrieve a Cart, Replace a Cart, Update a Cart, List Carts, Create Cart Product, Replace Cart Products, Update Cart Product, Delete Cart Product ;

  • Сategories: Retrieve Category, Replace Category, Create Category, Delete Category, List Categories;

  • Contacts: Retrieve Contact, Update Contact, Delete Contact, List Contacts, Create Contact;

  • Orders: Create Order, Retrieve Order, Replace Order, Update Order, Delete Order, List Orders;

  • Products: Retrieve Product, Replace Product, Update Product, Delete Product, List Products, Create Product;

  • Segments: Retrieve Segment, Delete Segment, List Segment, Delete Segment contact.

Connecting Omnisend to Mesa

Go to the Omnisend App Market and search for Mesa or you can simply open this page:

Once you're on the Mesa integration page, click the 'Connect now' button:

The API key will be generated automatically. Copy it and proceed to the Mesa account, but don't click the 'Confirm' button and don't close the page yet.

To integrate Omnisend with Integromat create a new workflow in Mesa:

Search the Omnisend app and click it:

Then select one of the events in the list or go with a pre-built template:

Then paste the Omnisend API key you've created and click 'add credential':

Now go back to the Mesa page in the Omnisend App Market and click the 'Confirm' button:

That's it! You're ready to connect Omnisend with all the apps from the Mesa directory.

Use case

One of the use cases is syncing the customer's points balance to an Omnisend contact when Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals points change. You can find this workflow in the templates directory. The easiest option is to search for the Omnisend app using the search bar under the Dashboard tab.

On the next page, click the green Start with this template button in the top right-hand corner.


Confirm that you want to Install the template, once loaded you’ll now be able to View the New Workflow.


2. Configure the Workflow Steps

On the Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals Points Changed action, follow the instructions under the Webhook URL to add it to your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals setting.


Next, Mesa will pull contacts assigned with Yotpo Loyalty Points into Omnisend through a series of steps. First, select or create an Omnisend Credential on the Omnisend List Contact action. If you've already integrated Omnisend with Mesa, you'll have an option to select.

Under the configuration settings of this Omnisend step, you’ll see the email address token from Yotpo is being used to match list all contacts in Omnisend by that email.

So we don’t get any failures running this automation, we add a Mesa Filter step to check that the size of the contact list from Omnisend is at least a single record.


Almost there! Now, you’ll need to select or create an Omnisend Credential again on the Omnisend Update Contact action to assign contacts with updated points balance.

We match the Omnisend Contact List ID record from the previous step to the Contact ID for this Update Contact step.

Scroll down to the Custom Properties section of this step. This is where we set a value called yotpo_loyalty_points to the point balance value from Yotpo Loyalty.


From there, you can reference this custom property value in any Omnisend email or SMS campaign.

3. Last Step: The most important

Once complete, scroll back up to the top of the page and click the Enable button in the top right-hand corner.

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