Easyship is a 3rd party app that is designed to manage every aspect of your shipping from getting a quote to tracking, all in one dashboard.

When you integrate Omnisend and Easyship together, you will be able to reach the right customers with the personalized content based on the shipping information that Easyship tracks.

Before you start

Currently this integration is available for our Pro and Enterprise plan users.

Setup process

Here is how you can simply integrate Easyship with Omnisend:

1. Go to Store settings in your Profile menu > click Connected Apps and click Connect new App

2.  Find Easyship on the list and click Connect:

3. To connect with Easyship you will need to paste your unique access token from Easyship for us to be able to access your account information. To do that follow these steps below:

a) In your Easyship account navigate to Connect - New integration > select Api Integration

b) Enter your integration name, i.e. Omnisend, > click Connect

c) New integration will be created, so expand its Production APi settings > copy the access token

d) Paste the access token to Omnisend

4. Next you will need to create a new webhook in Easyship so that all the data related to clients' shipment updates would be sent to your Omnisend account. To do that follow these steps:

a) In your Easyship account Connect section open Webhooks > click add new webhook

b) Copy your unique webhook URL from Omnisend which is displayed when connecting Easyship

c) Paste the webhook URL in Easyship while creating the new webhook

d) Select event types: shipment.cancelled, shipment.label.created and shipment.tracking.status.changed > then click “Create”

5. When webhook is created, copy your Easyship webhook’s secret key

6. Paste the Easyship webhook’s secret key in Omnisend

7. Activate newly created webhook in Easyship App > click Save

7. Click connect Easyship integration in Omnisend

You will get a success message to inform you, that the app was connected successfully. The Custom events in Omnisend App will be created and will be triggered accordingly.


How it works

Once Easyship App is enabled, custom events are created in Omnisend. Those will be triggered accordingly:

  • EasyShip Label Created - once the label for the shipment is created;
  • EasyShip Status Changed - once the status of shipment is changed in Easyship;
  • EasyShip Shipment Canceled - once the shipment is canceled

More, all of the events have custom fields that could be used for personalization of messages:

  • Shipment status
  • Easyship shipment id
  • Recipient name
  • Destination address line 1
  • Destination address line 2
  • Destination postal code
  • Destination city
  • Destination state
  • Destination phone number
  • Destination email
  • Origin country
  • Destination Country
  • Courier Name
  • Min Delivery Time
  • Max Delivery Time
  • Tracking URL
  • Tracking Number


Use case

Send custom workflow messages via different Omnisend channels, such as email, SMS, etc., with detailed and personalized information about your users' order shipment statuses. Inform them about the following actions:

  1. Shipment is about to be shipped
  2. Shipment status has changed
  3. Shipment has been canceled

⚠️ Currently, Shipment status changed event will trigger the same automation, despite the order status. We would recommend highlighting the information about Shipment status in the Subject line.

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