Tidio Live Chat is a 3rd party live chat app offering merchants to provide their customers with high-quality customer support via live chat, email, and Messenger, all messages in a straightforward dashboard.

Tidio app can be integrated with Omnisend through Zapier and will let you pass the information about your contacts to your Omnisend account and use that data to personalize your communication.

Setup process

To complete the integration process, you will need to have an account in Omnisend, Tidio, and Zapier.

Before the direct connection with Tidio Live Chat is available, we have created a Zapier template that you can use to push your Tidio contact to Omnisend. Here is how you can set it up in Zapier:

1. Open the Zapier template page -> click "Try It—Get Started Free!" button

2. Create an account with Zapier or login if you already have one -> click "Continue".

3. Choose to connect your Tidio account:

4. Copy your Tidio integration key -> click "Yes, Continue".

5. In the next step, you will see your Tidio account info -> click "Save + Continue".

6. Select a "Send to Zapier Node" from your Tidio "Automations + Bots" list and click "Continue". More information on how to create "Send to Zapier Node" in Tidio.

7. Zapier will offer sample data to complete the integration setup. Click "Continue".

8. Now you will need to set up what action should be taken after contact from Tidio is send to Zapier. To create a subscriber in Omnisend, click "Continue".

9. Connect your Omnisend account.

10. Paste your Omnisend's account API key and click "Yes, Continue".

11. In the next step, you will see your Omnisend account info -> Click "Save + Continue".

12. If you wish to add more details (i.e., add a custom property or set up to send welcome email), click "Show advanced options" and check our article here section "Create Subscriber".

If you only wish to pass the contact's email from Tidio to Omnisend, click "Continue".

13. In the next step, you can send a test contact to Omnisend (you have an option to Skip Test).

Done! Turn the Zap on, and your Tidio subscribers will be sent to Omnisend.

If you have any questions or any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].

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