You can perform different actions with your contacts, such as unsubscribe, delete, add and remove tags, and more. Did you attempt to apply changes to all of your contacts in the All contacts list or a Saved segment and not just the first page of your contacts (25 contacts)?

Read this guide to learn how to select all contacts scattered across many pages in your contact list.

⚠️Unable to select more than 25 contacts in All contacts and Saved segments

1a. Navigate to All contacts list in your Audience tab if you wish to make changes to all of the contacts you have on Omnisend.

1b. Navigate to the Saved segments page in your Audience tab if you need to make changes to all contacts in a particular segment you created > click on the relevant segment name.

2. Check the checkbox next to the “Name” column in the list -> select all XXX contacts -> click Actions -> select the appropriate action from the drop-down menu.

Easy! You can now make changes to contacts in bulk.

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