Omnisend offers a selection of plans that is suitable for any business owner. Being a top email marketing provider, Omnisend provides relevant marketing for relevant prices.

Start with a Free Omnisend offering and get access to all of the features. Start paying when you'd like to increase your reach.

  • Free plan best for a starting business or those wanting to try Omnisend.

    On the Free plan use all the Omnisend features for $0/month. Send 500 emails/month up to 250 contacts. No credit card is required. Upgrade whenever you feel ready. (no contact list limits)

  • Standard plan best for growing and mid-size businesses focused on email marketing activities.

    Just from $16/month and access to all of Omnisend's features, chat with live support and get a dedicated Customer Success Manager (from 60K contacts), among other benefits.

  • Pro plan best for high-volume senders who also use SMS in their marketing mix.

    From $59/month, send unlimited emails and get free SMS for managing the whole customer experience. Work with dedicated support and Customer Success Manager (from 27K contacts) to bring your business to the next level.

Contact-based Billing

Your contact list consists of three types of contact profiles - subscribers, non-subscribers, and un-subscribers.

  • Subscribers - clients opted-in for your email/SMS marketing communication. They can receive both marketing and transactional communication. We are charging for subscribers.

  • Non-subscribers - clients have not expressed any opinion to be or not to be on your email/SMS marketing activities. In the US they can receive both marketing and transactional communication. In the EU they can receive only transactional communications. We are charging for non-subscribers.

  • Un-subscribers - clients who actively opted-out of your email/SMS marketing communication. They can receive only transactional communication if any.

    We are not charging for un-subscribers.

We bill for subscribers and non-subscribers. We are not charging for un-subscribers.

Note! Paid plans work as a monthly charge based on your current number of subscribers and non-subscribed contacts. The total count of these two numbers places you in one of the billing tiers. We do not charge for unsubscribed contacts.

Billing tiers

Omnisend pricing is based on the billing tiers. We automatically adjust the billing tier as your list grows or shrinks. Check our billing tiers below:

If your contact list is larger and you would like to know the price for the tier you can check it here Or contact our support at [email protected] and they'll provide you the information.

Subscribing to a Paid Plan

To subscribe to one of our paid plans click on your brand name in the top right corner of the screen. In the dropdown menu click the 'Upgrade your plan' button.

On the next step, select the plan you'd like to subscribe to and click the 'Upgrade' button.

You'll be asked to provide your credit card details in the next step. Сlick 'Enter Credit Card' and provide your CC details:

Once you click the 'Upgrade' button, you'll be charged the amount shown on your screen and you'll be moved to the selected plan immediately.

Change your plan

To change your plan go to Store Settings -> Manage your plan. On the Manage your plan page, you can change your subscription to the downgrade to the cheaper plan.

When you choose to change your plan, the overpaid amount is used for the next payment. For example, when upgrading from a Standard to Pro plan, we shift your billing cycle but discount the price. The same thing happens with the cheaper plan. The billing cycle restarts, but the overpaid amount is used for the next payment(s).


If you need to downgrade your plan, it can be done through your Store Settings. Once you are on your Pricing plan page, click on the Cancel button to initiate the cancellation wizard. You will also have a possibility to Freeze your account for a 50 USD + VAT one-off charge.

The self-cancellation wizard is there to help you make up your mind and provide some feedback on what could have been done better or what made you decide to downgrade.

Once you answer a couple of quick questions, your downgrade to the Free plan will be confirmed. You will still have your paid plan (Standard, Pro, or Enterprise) until the end of your current billing cycle, but once it ends, you will no longer be billed and your account will be brought back to our Free plan.

if you cannot find Manage your plan option, please contact [email protected] and we will help you downgrade.


On the Free plan, can I upload more than 250 contacts?

Yes, you can upload as many contacts as you have to the Omnisend system. However, you'll be able to send emails campaigns only to a maximum number of contacts per plan. E.g. On the Free plan, there is a max of 250 contacts. You upload 300 contacts. You can send emails to 250 contacts (50 won't get an email).

If you have more contacts on your list than an allowed maximum, to send a campaign you need to create a segment not larger than the allowed contact limit and use that segment for sending a campaign.

You can send transactional communication to all contacts without creating a segment

Do you count subscribers twice if I add them to two different segments?

We don't charge you for duplicate contacts. Unlike other email marketing platforms, we count your subscribers only once, no matter how many segments they belong to.

What if I have 10000 SMS subscribers and 10000 email subscribers all of which are overlapping? Would I be billed for 20000 subscribers?

No, you will only be billed per active subscriber regardless of the subscribed channel. In this case, you would be billed for 10000 subscribers.

What payment methods do you accept?
Currently, we accept card payments via self-service only:
- Visa - credit, debit, prepaid
- MasterCard - credit, debit, prepaid
- American Express - credit, prepaid

Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay cards are not supported.

What happens if I add more contacts than what I paid for?
Our system will automatically detect if you import more contacts to Omnisend and will ask you to upgrade your pricing plan to the next billing tier.

In what currency will you charge me?
All payments in Omnisend are processed in USD ($). Prices do not include VAT.

I want to send SMS messages. How will I be charged?
You will need to subscribe to a separate SMS credits subscription if you'd like to buy more SMS credits. You can do this by going to Store settings > Billing > SMS pricing.

I can’t decide: should I choose a Pro or Standard plan?

Top reasons why customers choose the Pro plan over Standard include having an unlimited send (emails/month) as well as getting free SMS credits (which means you save a lot for sending SMS), adding push notifications to their channel mix, and getting priority support from a dedicated customer success manager (for all Pro plan users with >$400/month plans). If you’re planning to use SMS more heavily and would like to get dedicated support, it’s worth choosing the Pro plan.

What if I need to send more emails than my monthly limit?

If or when you exceed your email sending limit on a Free or Standard plan we’ll give you the option to upgrade your plan (and we’ll send you a friendly email too). You’ll always be asked to confirm an account upgrade before it happens. Meanwhile, you can keep on reaching the maximum number of clients you have. Users on the Pro plan can send unlimited emails per month; however, our fair use policy applies in order to comply with our anti-spam policy.

Do you offer migration support?

Yes, all Pro plan users with >$400/mo plans get a dedicated customer success manager who provides personalized migration support. They will help you with importing contacts and guide you in setting up your first campaign and automations.

I’d like to get dedicated support to set everything up. Can I get a Customer Success Manager?

All Standard and Pro plan users with >$400/mo plans get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who provides migration support, helps set your first automations & campaigns and provides ongoing personalized support to make sure you’re making the most of Omnisend.

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