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Integration with Growave
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Growave is an application for Shopify users that provides a wide range of opportunities to reach customers, build customers' loyalty, and increase conversations with ease. By integrating this application with Omnisend, you will benefit from sending a review request for the recently purchased products, back-in-stock notifications, and more.


Integrating Omnisend with Growave

Go to the Omnisend App Market and search for Growave or you can simply open this page:

Once you're on the Growave integration page, click the 'Connect now' button:

The API key will be generated automatically. Copy it and proceed to your Growave account, but don't click the 'Confirm' button and don't close the page yet.

In your Growave's Admin panel, go to Settings -> Integrations.

Find the Omnisend integration and click the Enable button. Then click Settings

In the popup window paste the API key and select all of the events you want to send to Omnisend. Then click Save.

Now go back to the Growave page in the Omnisend App Market and click the 'Confirm' button:

Note! Keep in mind that you won't be able to access this API key anymore. If you'll need to use the API key again in the future, you'll need to generate a new one.

What data is passed

Once the integration is enabled these custom events are created in your Omnisend account. Next to the name of each custom event, you'll find the 'Download' button that will allow you to download an HTML template prepared by Growave team for this specific event. Once you download all of the templates you intend to use, upload each of them to Omnisend using this guide.

Note! Right before the 'Download' you can see the name of the HTML template files. So, make sure to name the templates in Omnisend using similar names to know which template you should use in each of the workflows you'll build based on Growave custom events.

Growave also passes data from the Rewards app (only if the Rewards app is enabled in your Growave account).

These custom properties are synced from the Growave Rewards app:

  • BirthDate;

  • PointBalance;

  • ReferralLink;

  • RewardsProgram;

  • TierID;

  • TierTitle.

These properties are synced to Omnisend in real-time.

Note! Historical data isn't synced. So, if you have collected Rewards data prior to enabling the integration, it won't be passed to Omnisend.

Setting up Automation workflows

After you finish with settings, you may start setting your automations. Each of the custom events will trigger a different workflow, so be ready to proceed with creating automation workflow for each of them.

1. In your Omnisend account, proceed to the Automation tab -> click on the New workflow button -> Other -> Custom workflow.

2. In the automation trigger settings, find the event that should trigger this automation.

3. After you set the trigger, you may also use the information passed with this event, in your Trigger Filter settings, or the Split block. See the example in the screenshot:

4. Once you finish with the general settings and proceed to the Email message editor, you will need to pick the correct template among those that you've imported. So, as we've mentioned previously in this article, it's critical to name the templates in a way that will allow you to select them correctly.

That's it! Once you finish designing your emails, you may choose to enable the workflow.

If you have any questions or any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].

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