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Swym is a 3rd party letting you send wishlist back in stock, price drop and restock alerts. In this article, we explain what steps you should take to integrate Swym with Omnisend and how you can benefit from it.


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Setup process

To start the integration process, you will need to follow the next steps.

1. Generate an API key in your Omnisend account. Be sure to select all types of permissions. Learn how to create your API key on Omnisend.

2. Login to your Swym account and head to the Integrations page on the left side panel and click on the Configure button under Omnisend.

3. On the next page, add your Omnisend API key:

4. Choose from a list of triggers supported by the Swym apps based on your requirements!

5. By clicking on the Save Changes button you send the request to the Swym team to review your integration settings and enable the integration. You should hear back from the Swym team within one business day.

Events sent by Swym

Here's the list of the events along with their descriptions that are passed by Swym to Omnisend:

Custom Event name in Omnisend

Description in Swym


A shopper signing up for a back-in-stock alert


A product that a shopper was interested in is now back in stock


A second reminder for restocked products


An item is added to a shopper's Wishlist


A product in a shopper's wishlist is running low on stock


The price drops on a product in a shopper's wishlist


Customer registers as a guest after adding a product to their Wishlist.

You can check these articles that explain how to build workflows based on Swym events: Wishlist Low Stock event, Wishlist Back in Stock event, Wishlist Price Drop event, Back in Stock event.

Note! Swym-authEmail event allows you to send the Swym authentication email through Omnisend. However, keep in mind, that the authentication email is sent only to customers who register as a guest after adding a product to their Wishlist. Also, if a customer has authenticated their email, it doesn't mean that they've subscribed. That's why emails collected through the guest Wishlist are synced to Omnisend with non-subscribed status. To include the authentication link in your Swym-authEmail email use the ValidateURI property.

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