Adding a contact to an already existing list sounds simple, but what about adding a contact to the Segment? The solution is quite tricky as it depends on the rule specified in your Segment settings.

Let's imagine that you have a Segment of the VIP customers (big spenders or frequent purchasers). But you also have an Excel sheet with a couple of names that you want to be added.

Naturally, only those contacts that qualify with the rule would be added to the Segment. So the most obvious solution is to adjust your Segment settings.

As you can see from the screenshot, we have added an additional filter checking if your contacts' have a VIP tag. Now, all of the rules are connected with OR operators, meaning that it will be sufficient for your contacts to belong to the VIP Segment or to have a VIP tag.

There are many ways to tag your contacts. Learn how you can tag your contacts in the corresponding article.

⚠️If you wish to trigger Segment-based automation for those contacts manually added to the Segment, you will need to enable this action in your Segment settings. Find the instructions in the article on Segment-entry based automation.

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