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Recart is an app that helps to increase your revenue by engaging customers on the platform they actively use: Facebook Messenger. By integrating your Recart account with Omnisend, you will be able to sync all contact data collected by Recart.



  • Sync extra data for existing contacts from your customers' Facebook accounts

  • Grow your list

Setup process

In order to connect Recart to Omnisend, first, you need to turn on the Omnisend integration from your Recart account. Go to Email & SMS Integrations page and click on the Activate button.

Then go to your Omnisend account and create an API key. To do this click on your brand name in the top right corner -> Store settings:

Click on the 'API keys' section:

Then click the 'Create API Key' button:

Enter the name of your API key, keep default settings and click 'Save':Click on Create API key, then select "I want to set up custom permissions for this API key." Then it is essential that you have the Contacts permission ticked. This is required for Recart to sync subscribers to Omnisend. Then, click on the Save button.

Go back to your Recart Dashboard and navigate to Email & SMS Integrations page. Copy the API key created, paste it to the field and click on Connect to Omnisend.

Once this is done, the integration will be activated.

In case you need to, you can change the API key by clicking on the Change button.

Subscribers who opt-in and provide their e-mail address or phone number after you activated the integration, will be synced to your Omnisend account.

You can turn the integration on and off by clicking on the toggle.

What data is passed

The subscribers' first name, last name, gender, email address, if all of them were provided while subscribing. Omnisend will mark the synced contacts with a custom property. When you see source: recart, it means this subscriber came from Recart.

Locale custom property shows the language that is based on the locale information the subscriber provided on Facebook.

Timezone value is tied to UTC timezone. For example, 'timezone: 3' stays for UTC+3.

Note! If you collect phone numbers along with the emails in Recart, they won't be synced through the integration. Instead, phone numbers will be synced to Shopify and Omnisend will sync these phone numbers from your Shopify Contacts tab automatically. Unfortunately, due to this integration limitation, emails and phone numbers will be saved under 2 separate contact profiles in Omnisend. Fix by Recart team is expected in the future.

Collecting email addresses in Recart

Now, all you need to do is add a Save User Input message to all conversation flows where you would like to collect emails and/or phone numbers from your visitors and customers.

The email first version of the Welcome Popup is also a great way to collect your customers' email addresses. Learn more about how to enable it in order to grow your list in this article.

Welcome emails for Recart subscribers

To send welcome emails to contacts passed from ReCart, you'll need to create a segment based on the custom property 'source' with the value of 'recart':

Then create Welcome automation by going to Automation tab ➡️ New Workflow ➡️ Welcome. You can copy your Welcome automation if you already have one and would like to use the same workflow for ReCart subscribers.

Then switch the Signup trigger to Contact enters a segment. Set the segment that you've created on the first step, as a trigger filter.


Is there an option to sync previously collected emails to Omnisend? Currently, there is no option to sync emails collected before the integration was enabled, because sync happens in live time. That's why only new contacts collected after connecting Omnisend to Recart will be synced to Omnisend. If integration is disabled or not set at all, contacts from Recart won't be passed to Omnisend.

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