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Migrating between Omnisend Accounts
Migrating between Omnisend Accounts

This article explains how to migrate the most valuable data to your new Omnisend store.

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There can be multiple reasons why you can decide to create a new Omnisend account for your store:

  • If you're migrating to a new platform (for example, from Shopify to Bigcommerce);

  • If you've multiple stores and would like to bill your stores from different cards, but you have them all under one account already;

  • If you want to start from scratch.

Please note! When you migrate from one platform to another (for example, from WooCommerce to Shopify), the brand will not use any previous shop origin order events.

This means that any historical data related to the orders will not be available for segmentation purposes. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that if you have migrated to a new platform, the order information from the previous platform will not be used by the brand. Order information should be imported to the new platform in order to sync to your Omnisend account upon the updated type of connection.


Before you start

Make sure the store is connected to your new store in Omnisend. Otherwise, you won't be able to transfer some important data (templates, automations). There are two ways you can connect your new store in Omnisend:

  • Under the same account you've been using before;

  • Under new account.

You can proceed to the next step if you connect the store under the same account. However, if you are connecting the store under a new account, you'll first need to add this new account's email address as an admin user to your old account. Then use this admin user to proceed with all the further steps.

Transferring your contact list

First, you must export all your contacts from the old store. To do this, go to Audience → Exports → New export → All contacts → Export → Download.

Once your list is downloaded, open your new store and import this file. Make sure to correctly map opt-in and opt-out dates to import contacts with subscribed and unsubscribed statutes.

Note! Engagement data isn't exported. So, if you want to have a segment 'Opened email in the last seven days,' you'll need to create it under your old store account -> export -> import to a new store account and create a segment based on this import.

Transferring automation workflows

To transfer your automations, go to the Automations tab using your old store account → click the arrow next to the Automation you want to copy → copy → select the store you want to copy this Automation to. Check all the details here.

Note! If you've changed the eCommerce platform, check what automations are available for your new store, as some might work differently or not at all.

Important! Please note that only entity-based trigger automations can currently be transferred between brands in Omnisend. Event-based flows cannot be transferred now. This feature will be added in the near future.

In the meantime, a workaround is to save the email template and transfer it between the brands, then create a new automation and use the transferred template.

Transferring email templates

If you have some saved templates you'd like to transfer to your new store account, check this article. If you don't have saved templates but want to copy some of the emails you've sent as campaigns before, go to the Campaigns tab -> click on the arrow next to the Email campaign you want to copy to the new store -> copy.

Your campaign will be copied, and you'll be redirected to the settings of this copied campaign. Click on the content -> click on the arrow next to 'Save' -> save as a template.

The template is saved now, so you can copy it to your new store using the guide above.

Saving invoices

In order not to lose your previous invoices, go to Account Management using your old store -> Billing history -> download the invoices that you want to keep:

To download a specific invoice, you'll need to save it like this:

  1. Click the right mouse button -> print.

2. Save as PDF-> save.


Can I transfer the reports to my new account? It's not possible, unfortunately. However, you can still download them if you want to keep them.

Can the revenue be transferred from my previous store to a new one? It's impossible, as the new store is considered empty and has information about sales generated once you send out your first campaign.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support team!

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