VideoPeel is the premier remote video capturing platform for businesses to capture, respond to, analyze, and share videos from their customers. VideoPeel helps businesses 10X their amount of user-generated video content, so they can drive 20% plus conversions, traffic, satisfaction, and consumer insights.


Setup process

1) Sign-up for a VideoPeel account. You can start with any of the plans.

2) Go to Campaigns tab -> create a new Campaign -> name it and select one of 3 templates: Profile message, Video message, Image message.

3) Edit your campaign the way you like: add your logo, image, text, ask your customers some questions, add a description, collect some info about your customers, etc.

4) Once you're delighted with the design, click on the Share link button. The campaign URL will be copied.

5) Add this link to a button/image/text in your email.

And that’s it! You can send this email out and start collecting your customers' videos.

Use cases

  1. You can collect feedback from your customers on their recent purchases. Create a VideoPeel campaign that will be collecting videos of unboxing and customers' first reactions. You can ask them to share these videos on their Facebook pages. Share discounts or add some other incentives right on the 'Thank you page' to encourage your customers to do this.

Note! Keep in mind that discount code should be created in your Store account, Videopeel isn't generating codes for you.

2. Also, you can create a special campaign that will be collecting a video from your customers, in case they aren't delighted with their product. So, you'll be able to check what exactly is wrong and if there is a need to exchange the product for a new one. To do this, create a Customer feedback automation in Omnisend -> add Feedback block to your email, attach your campaign's URL to 'Bad' feedback button. To do this, insert this code into Thumb down text:

<a href="">Bad</a>

Later, you'll be able to review customers' videos who aren't satisfied with their purchase. Make sure to ask for the email/phone or any other point of contact in your VideoPeel campaign to be able to reach out to these customers.

Finally, we highly encourage you to check VideoPeel Professional Insights for the best practices offered by VideoPeel experts.


Is it possible to sync events/contacts from VideoPeel to Omnisend? Unfortunately, it's not possible for now.

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