In Email Marketing, email is the primary channel to communicate with your audience; therefore, emails must have a compelling look, design and reflect your brand's style.

Our classic Email Builder is no longer sustainable to deliver the most incredible experience for you. So we've been working hard to provide you with our best solutions on the new Email Builder.

Don't worry if the design isn't really your thing. With our new Email Builder, you can create attractive emails and manage effective email marketing campaigns and automations.

In this article, you will learn about our new Email Builder, how to access it and what features are available already.


Before you begin

Focus on content


Start building your email

Design your email

Undo/Redo button

Save your design

Visibility settings


Before you begin

  • First of all, we are constantly making improvements to our product, and if you have feedback about the new Email Builder, please let us know by leaving your comments here.

  • To access the new Email Builder, you need to create a new campaign and proceed to the 'Templates' step. Then, you'll be asked to select between Classic and new Email Builders.

  • Check this guide to find out what Items can be used in the new Email Builder.

Focus on content

Brand assets are one of the most significant additions to the new Email Builder. Configure once - use forever! We automatically fetch and apply your logo, text, and button colors every time you create your email. Read more about Brand assets in the dedicated guide.

We wanted to give you the freedom to create any kind of content you want. We did this by providing more layout options to create emails with multiple columns where you can easily drag and drop items. Do you want two images on the right and text on the left? Or just text? Or draw attention to a product with a big picture and text below it? You can do all of these things; just try it out!

With Copy functionality, you can copy your last campaign to the new Email Builder and edit the content there. Learn how to migrate to a new Email builder.

Moreover, all your Saved blocks are also available in the new Email Builder as Saved layouts. Just pick one and drag it to the email content.


Once you create a new email and select new Email Builder, you'll access our brand-new email templates that are mobile-first. This means that your emails will look even better on mobile devices. Browse through them or filter by the goal to select the one that fits your needs for your email.

We also have a plain text email for writing a friendly "from the founder "type of email. An HTML email is intended to add your custom code by adding your email's HTML body.

Start building your email

Once you pick a template, the system will take you to the new Builder. On the right side, you can see Email settings that will help you style your email.

Here you can change the Width of the email and adjust Theme settings, including background and canvas colors in the Colors menu and button style in the Buttons menu.

Design your email

Start with adding a layout to the email. Choose from an extensive pre-made layout library with many content options that allow you to create your own email structure.

Click the 'Quick add' left side of your email to add a layout. You can choose all the different types of layouts that you want. Drag it to the place where you want to have it added.

Once you select the section layout, you can adjust the paddings and background color in the menu on the right.

To add a new item to the layout that you've created, open the Quick add menu and drag it to the section where you want to add it:

To move, delete or save the layout, use the controls on the left side. Use the controls on the right side to move, delete, or save a specific item.

You can leave some items empty, and the Builder will respect that space to create more focused and intricate layouts.

💡 Check this guide to find out what Items can be used in the new Email Builder.

Undo/Redo button

You can also redo/undo the changes you made in the new Email Builder using the buttons in the top right corner. There are unlimited undo steps, so you can get to the beginning of designing with the possibility of starting from scratch.

Note! Reloading the page restarts the feature, so undo history will be lost.

Save your design

You can save the email templates you create using the new Email Builder for future usage. When you're finished editing the email and wish to keep it as a template, click the little arrow in the top right corner and select the Save as template option.

You will see a popup window with 2 options:

  • You can save your template as a new one;

  • You can update one of your existing saved templates with the current design;

    Once you save the template, you will see a message indicating that your template was saved successfully:

Important! Once you create a campaign or automation, saved templates built with a new Email Builder will be available under Saved Templates. Saved templates created with a new builder can only be utilized in the new Email Builder; if you choose to work in the classic email builder, you will not see your saved templates and vice versa, but they are coming in the fall of 2022.

Also, it's impossible to copy the templates built with the new Email Builder between brands for now, but it will also be available soon.

You can also save the whole layout or a single item and use it multiple times in various emails. Simply click on the Save icon on the left side to save the entire layout or on the right side to save an item, and next time you need to use them - find them in the Library.

Visibility settings

Sometimes you may want to show a specific item for mobile or desktop users. To limit the visibility, click on the item you'd like to change the visibility for and choose the Layout tab.

Scroll down to Display settings -> Choose which devices should show the item selected. You can show it to:

  • all devices;

  • mobile devices only;

  • desktop devices only.


Is it possible to render emails built in the new Email Builder without any issues on Dark Mode devices? You can read more about this here: The Ultimate Guide to Dark Mode for Email Marketers.

I don't see a new Email Builder in my account when creating a new email campaign. What can I do? If you want access to a new Email Builder and don't have it yet, contact our Support Team, and they'll enable a new Email Builder for your account.

Have any questions? Contact our Support team at [email protected].

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