Here at Omnisend, our Team develops the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released every week. In this article, we will show our brand new email editor, how to access it and what features are available already.


Accessing the new builder


Saved templates

Content blocks

Undo/Redo button


Accessing the new builder

To access the new email builder, you need to create a new campaign and proceed to the 'Templates' step. Then, you'll be asked to select between Classic and New Email builders.

Note! You won't be able to select an old editor in your existing campaign once you choose a new editor. If you'd like to use the old editor, create a new email campaign and select one of the templates instead of the new email builder.

Also, a new editor is available if you'll create an automation workflow that has the 'new email builder' tag:


Once you click on the new email, you’ll access our brand-new email templates. These templates are built for specific purposes. Browse through them and select the one that fits your needs for your email campaign.

We also have a plain text email - which is meant for writing a friendly “from the founder “ type of email. An HTML email is intended to add your custom code by adding your email's HTML body.

Building your email

Once you pick a template, the system will take you to the new builder. On the side, you can set Global styles that will change the style of the whole email. At the top, there’s an option to send a test message and change your subject line or move on to the next step.

To add a section, click the 'Quick add' left-hand side. You can choose all the different types of layouts that you want. Drag them to the place where you want to add them:

Once you select the section layout, you can add padding and background color in the menu on the right.

To add a new content block to the section that you've created, open the 'Quick add' menu and drag the block to the section where you want to add it:

To move or delete the section, use controls on the left side. To delete a specific content block, use controls on the right side.

You can choose to leave some content blocks empty, and the builder will respect that space to create more focused and intricate layouts.

Adjust your email global styles by changing the button and text colors, text font families, sizes, and email width:

Saved Templates

You can save the email templates that you create using the New email builder for future usage. When you're finished editing the email and wish to save it as a template, click the little arrow in the top right corner and select the Save as template option.

You will see a popup window with 2 options:

  • You can save your template as a new one;

  • You can update one of your existing saved templates with the current design;

    Once you save the template you will see a message indicating that your template was saved successfully:

Important! Saved templates built with New editor will be avaible under Saved Templates once you create a campaign or automation. Saved templates created with New editor can only be utilized in New editor; if you choose to work in Old editor, you will not see your saved templates and vice versa.

Content blocks

Text block

To edit the style formatting of your text in a specific block, select the part that you want to update, and a menu with multiple options to transform your text will appear right below the text you've chosen. The options to edit the style of your text are located on the right side of the menu (Bold, Italic, Underline). To get more options to edit the style of your text (Strikethrough, Font family, Font size, Text color, Background color, Clear formatting), click this button:

To edit the space settings of your text, use the same menu as for the style formatting, but space settings (left, center, right alignment) are located in the middle of this menu. To get more options (align, justify, ordered list, unordered list, line height, decrease/increase indent) to edit the way your text is presented in the block, click this button:

If you want to add a link to some part of your text, select the text you want to add the link to and use the button on the right side of the text editor menu. Then enter the URL.

To add the personalization tags to your text block select this option:

Image block

Firstly, when you're creating an image block, select the image that you want to add to your email content. Keep in mind you can use JPG, PNG, and GIF formats, each under 2000px in dimension.

Then you have an option to enter the URL where your image will link to:

Also, you can add Alt text. For those of you who wonder why Alt text is essential for images in emails if it doesn't impact the SEO of the website, as it does on websites. You should think of it as backup text that provides some context about your image for those who have images blocked or turned off by default. Another critical reason Alt text is used is for visually impaired subscribers who may use a screen reader to describe images in an email.

To resize your image, select it ➡ hover to the corner of the image ➡ resize the image the way you want.

Note! You won't be able to make the image bigger than you've uploaded to Omnisend. So, if you want an image to be larger, you should upload it that way to Omnisend. However, keep in mind that it can't be bigger than 2000px in dimension.

Button block

To change the text of your button, select the button block first, then click again on the text your button has right now, and then you'll be able to erase it or edit it.

Then add the URL your button will link to.

Change the shape of your button if you want.

Select background and border colors for your button using the menu on the right side of the screen. You can select from the default ones or enter the color code.

You can change the font family, size, and color (select from the default ones or enter the color code) of your button text.

Finally, change the button alignment.

HTML block

If you are familiar with HTML, you can customize your email campaigns using the HTML code content block. Check allowed HTML tags and supported CSS elements here. The HTML editor is located on the right side of the screen by default, but you can switch the editor view to the bottom if you want.

Product listing block

This block should be selected by clicking plus sign as you do when adding a new section, but this time go to the Product listing tab, instead of Layouts.

Product listing will be added below. You should select the number of products you want to be shown in this product listing block on the next step. Also, select properties that you want to be shown for each product.

Then edit all the properties that you've selected for the structure of your Product listing block:

Product picker

Product Picker is a tool that helps you add the products to your emails directly from the store. The product's image, description, price, and link to the product can be added automatically.

Note! If your product has multiple variants, the product picker will pull the main variant and all info about it. So, if you'd like to show multiple variants of the same product in one email, you'll need to add images, descriptions, prices, etc. manually.

Discount content block

With discount block you can send auto-generated codes for Shopify and Bigcommerce stores or insert the discount code manually for all other platforms inside the new content editor:

  • Discount can be added as a block into any section with elements such as image text, button, and HTML;

  • Discount can be inserted as a pre-made section that already contains the most frequently used together elements;

  • It can be styled just about the same as everything else, and all containing elements can be styled template-wide together with other buttons, headings, etc.

Logo block

To add Logo block to your email content, select it from the Quick add menu:

The logo block is created with the default logo and store URL that can be set under Contact information under Store settings. If you want, you can replace them with some other logo image and URL.

Social media block

To add a Social media block to your email content, select it from the Quick add menu:

Start with selecting the social media icons you want to add to your Social media block:

Then edit their size, alignment, shape, and customize color, if you want:

Finally, proceed with adding the links to each social media icon by clicking the icon you want to add the link to -> click the 'change link' button:

If you have the social media links added in the Contact information, those will be added automatically.

Note! The limit of icons for one Social media block is 5. If you want to add more social media icons, use 2 Social media blocks.

Abandoned cart block

In abandonment automations (Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment, Product Abandonment) you will be able to add Abandoned cart block to your email content.

This block will pull the items your customers abandoned automatically, so all you need to do is to drag and drop the block to your email and adjust the settings and design to your liking.

You can pick how many items you want to show (up yo 8) by moving this toggle:

Within the product details you can pick which information about products you would like to include to the email:

You can also pick not to show items that are out of stock by marking checkbox under Other settings:

Learn how to time your abandonment automations here.

Order and Billing/Shipping

For your order-related automations you will be able to add Order summary and Billing and Shipping content blocks.

Order summary

You can technically split Order summary block into 3 customizable parts:

  • Order details;

  • Order products;

  • Order Total.

For Order details along with design of the block, you can edit the title, choose to include order number and order date.

For order products part you will be able to choose what specific info about purchased products to show in the email by selecting responsible checkboxes.

Order Total part gives an overview of the pricing details of the order, like with other parts of the block you will be able to select what info to include in the email.

Billing and Shipping

Billing and Shipping content block allows to choose which billing and shipping details should be added to the email content. Billing details include: Name and Surname, State, Company, Zip, Address, Country, Phone and City information. Shipping details include: Name and Surname, State, Company, Zip, Address, Country, Phone and City information as well. Any of these points can be omitted or included in the email, based on your choice.

Undo/Redo button

You can also redo/undo the changes you made in the new editor using the buttons in the top right corner. There are unlimited undo steps, so you can get to very the beginning of designing with the possibility to start from scratch.

Note! Reloading the page restarts the feature, so undo history will be lost.


How to add personalization as a link to the text? To add a personalization tag as a link to the text, you'll need to copy the personalization tag first, then convert the text to the link and insert the personalization tag in the URL section. Here's an example of how you can add unsubscribe link to your email in the new content editor:

Why are some blocks that are available in the old editor aren't available in the new one?

The new email editor is in the Beta phase right now. We're slowly rolling out new features one by one to make sure the new email editor works correctly when used by many clients at once.

Is it possible to use a new email editor to build emails in the automation? Yes, it's possible to use the new editor in some of the automation. To use the new editor in the automation, you'll need to create the workflow preset that has the 'New email builder' tag, as on the screenshot below:

Can I save emails created in the new email editor as templates? No, it's not possible for now, but it will be possible in future updates.

Is it possible to render emails built in the new email editor without any issues on devices that use Dark Mode? You can read more about this here: The Ultimate Guide to Dark Mode for Email Marketers.

I don't see a new email editor in my account when I create a new email campaign. What can I do? If you want to have access to a new email editor and don't have it yet, contact our Support Team, and they'll enable a new email editor for your account.

Have any questions? Contact our Support team at [email protected]

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