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LAI Product Reviews app is designed to help merchants Increase product conversion with star rating under product title, showcase most powerful reviews right on home page and create a dedicated page to show all reviews in one place.

Integrate LAI Product Reviews with Omnisend to send Review Request and Thank You for Review emails with Omnisend.

Note! You need to have a Premium plan of LAI Product Reviews to be able to use this integration.


Before You Start

Before You Start

This integration can pass data to Omnisend only if customer's phone number is collected on the checkout. So, to use this integration, you need to collect phone number on your checkout. If you don't collect SMS subscribers on your checkout, here's how you can start doing so:

  1. Please go to Shopify admin site > select Settings > go to Checkout. At Customer contact method > select Phone number or email.

Collecting SMS subscribers Shopify

2. Customer information > go to Shipping address phone number > Select Optional.


3. At Marketing options > please assure to select SMS.


Setup Process

Go to the Omnisend App Market and search for LAI Product Reviews or you can simply open this page:

Once you're on the LAI Product Reviews integration page, click the 'Connect now' button:

The API key will be generated automatically. Copy it and proceed to the LAI Product Reviews account, but don't click the 'Confirm' button and don't close the page yet.

In your LAI Product Reviews account go to the Integrations page and select Omnisend:

Once on the Omnisend integration page, paste the API key into the corresponding field and click the 'Verify' button:

The key will get verified and you'll see the 'Connect' button, click on it too:

The integration will be enabled on the LAI Product Reviews end.

Now go back to the LAI Product Reviews page in the Omnisend App Market and click the 'Confirm' button:

That's it! You're ready to use this integration.

What Data is Passed

Once the integration is enabled, 3 custom events will be created in your Omnisend account.

  • LAI paid orders

  • LAI reviews are submitted

  • LAI fulfilled orders

LAI paid orders and LAI fulfilled orders custom events carry these properties:

  • email: customer's emails

  • first_name: customer's first names

  • full_name: customer's full names

  • last_name: customer's last names

  • link: link redirecting to the first product page in the order.

  • shop name: your shop name

  • title: first product title in the order

LAI Reviews Submitted custom event carries these properties:

  • author: buyer's full name

  • rating: review rating

  • content: review content

  • customer_email: buyer's email address

Using LAI Custom Events in Automations

Review Request workflow

First use-case this integration covers is the ability to send a Review Request email/SMS through Omnisend. To set up a workflow to send such an email/SMS, you can use either LAI paid orders or LAI fulfilled orders custom event. If you want the review request to be sent after the order is paid, use LAI paid orders custom event. If you want the review request to be sent after the order is fulfilled, use LAI fulfilled orders custom event.

Our recommendation is to send a Reviews Request email/SMS a few days after the order is fulfilled. For example, if your usual delivery time are 7-10 days, you can send a review request 14 days after the order is shipped. Then the customers will have a few days to try out the product before they receive a review request. Also, firstly, send the Review Request email and if it's not opened during 24 hours, send an SMS.

To set up such a workflow, firstly create a New Workflow under the Automation tab:

Click the 'Create custom workflow' button:

In the trigger block settings, select LAI fulfilled orders event:

Then add a 2 weeks delay and an Email block afterwards:

Edit your email content using the event properties passed along with the LAI fulfilled orders custom event.

After you're ready with your email design, you can save it and get back to the workflow builder. Add another delay block with 24 hours value and a split block to check if customer has opened an email during those 24 hours:

Customers who won't open the email will go to the NO path, where you can send an SMS.

Enter the text of your SMS and make sure to use custom event properties that LAI Product Reviews app passes to Omnisend. You can access all the event properties' personalisation tags using this button:

Thank you for review workflow

Second use-case of this integration is to send a Thank You message to customers who have submitted a review. You can also share a discount code with them, if they've submitted a good review using a discount item in your email.

A workflow that would send an email with a discount to those who have submitted a good review and an email without a discount to those who left a bad review would look like this:

Customers who'll leave 5 or 4 star ratings will go to the YES path and receive email with discount. Customers who'll leave anything below 4 will go the NO path and receive different email where you can say that you'll make sure to improve and provide better experience next time.

Note! You can design the workflows in any way you want, but keep in mind that customers might subscribe only to the SMS channel (provide phone number) on the checkout, hence won't be able to receive an email from you. So, it's better to be prepared for this scenario and set up different workflow paths for those who are subscribed to both email and SMS channel and those who are only subscribed to SMS channel.

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