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Fera helps you easily show & grow reviews that look great and are trusted by more shoppers. Add, import, manage and moderate your customer reviews, photos & videos easily. Show great-looking customer review lists, ratings, photos/videos & more in your storefront. Use one-time and automatic review requests to get more customer reviews, photos, and videos.



Integrate Fera with Omnisend and send Review Request emails to your buyers through Omnisend.

Setup Process

Firstly, open your Fera account. Click 'Configuration' button in the bottom left corner and pick 'Apps & Integrations' among other options. Select Omnisend among other integrations and click 'Connect':

Authorize the integration on the next step:

That's it! The integration is enabled and new reviews will be sent to Omnisend.

What Data is Passed

Once the integration is enabled, a 'submitted a review' custom event is created in your Omnisend account.

You can use all of the properties passed along with this custom event shown on the screenshot above in your email content. Also, you can split based on these properties to create different flows inside your workflow


Adding review data to the email content

To add review data to the email content, use personalization tags:

Different flows for customers based on the review rating

Also, you may split your workflows based on the ratings customers leave and send them different emails. For example, you may send a thank you letter to all 5-star reviewers and gather feedback from customers who left 1-4 stars in their reviews.

Sending different emails to customers based on the review type

Fera has 2 review types: Store review, Product review. If you want to send different follow-up emails to different review types, you can split based on the 'type' property, which is passed along with the custom event, as shown in the screenshot below.

For more use cases and useful videos, check out Fera's integration article.

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