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POWR is a 3rd party app that provides a number of eCommerce solutions to boost your sales. Everything from forms, popups, review apps, and more - is designed to help collect more contacts and make more sales, easily and seamlessly on your website. No coding necessary.



Integrate Powr with Omnisend and pass the contact information collected by your Powr Signup forms to Omnisend. Send Welcome emails to all customers collected by Powr Signup forms through Omnisend. Use collected data to segment your customers and personalize your emails.

Important note! The integration works for Shopify and Bigcommerce stores only. Also, we sync contacts from the 'My Contacts' tab in POWR app. That's why the integration works only with Powr apps that provide features to build or improve the Contact base. If you use POWR apps and You miss integration with Omnisend, please contact

Setup Process

Before you start, make sure you're logged into your Omnisend account that you're going to integrate with your POWR account.

Open your POWR account and go to the 'My Contacts' tab. Then click on the 'Integrations' button:

Pop-up will appear on your screen. Select Omnisend among other integrations:

On the next step, you'll have 2 options:

  • Sync all the contacts you have in your POWR account under the 'My Contacts' tab and keep on syncing any future contacts you'll collect;

  • Sync new contacts only - meaning that any contacts you have under the 'My Contacts' tab in your POWR account won't be synced.

No matter which option you'll select, the Omnisend app will be opened in a new tab and you'll need to confirm the integration by clicking the 'Authorize access' button:

Once it's done, the integration will be enabled and contacts will be synced to your account based on the option you've selected during the POWR integration setup.

What data is passed

After the integration is enabled, all contact data that you already have in your POWR system will be synced to Omnisend, if you've selected the 'sync all existing contacts' option. Also, each time a new contact will be created in POWR, it will be passed to Omnisend (this will happen no matter what option you'll select).

  • email - required field

  • phoneNumber

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • customProperties: {powrApps - the source POWR app of the lead, createdAtPowr - date created at source POWR app, updatedAtPowr - date updated at source POWR app}

  • tag 'source:powr'

Welcome email

If you want to send a follow-up email to all the contacts that will be synced from your POWR account, create a segment based on the 'source:powr' tag:

Then create a new custom workflow or you can just copy your existing Welcome email automation if you want to send the same email to contacts coming from POWR. Set 'Contact enters a segment' trigger with the segment you've just created as trigger filter:

That's it! Any contact that will be synced from POWR will get an email from this workflow once you enable it.

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