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Wix Bookings is an easy-to-use scheduling system that lets customers book services online, so you can focus on managing your business.

Note: Current integration is built specifically for Wix Bookings customers. If your Wix website doesn’t have the Wix Bookings app installed, the main features of the integration won’t work.



Our integration with Wix bookings enables you to use our workflows for automated communication with your clients via email or SMS channels. Send personalized messages to your clients based on the events in your Wix bookings site.

Setup process

To integrate your Omnisend account to your Wix Bookings website, you will need:

  1. Add “Automated Bookings Emails & SMS” app in Wix App Market

  2. Select the site you want to connect to Omnisend (if you have more than one)

  3. Give access to your site’s information by adding the Omnisend app to your site

  4. Once it's done, you'll be redirected to Omnisend to register an account. If you don't have the Wix bookings app installed in your Wix site, but still want to explore Omnisend, you can click this button:

Once the registration is finished, your Wix bookings site will be connected to it automatically and you'll be redirected to the Automation page, where you'll be given a few automation workflows presets to choose from:

Wix Bookings workflows

Our integration with Wix bookings provides 4 types of workflows that you can use to send out automated messages to your clients:

  • Booking confirmation

  • Booking reminder

  • Booking cancellation

  • Booking reschedule

Each of these events has its own custom properties that you can use to personalize and add valuable info about the booking to your automated messages (emails and SMS). For example, here's how you can add the name of the service client has booked -[[booking.serviceName]], the name of the Staff member - [[booking.providerName]], time, and date when the event will take place - [[booking.startTime]], the location where the event will take place - [[]] and the exact address where this event will take place - [[booking.location.formattedAddress]].

You can check all the available personalization tags for each of the events by clicking on this button:

Note! All the personalization tags will be replaced by the values passed from Wix, therefore the final amount of characters will be different than what you see in the editor and we can't predict that. So, keep that in mind, when writing the text of your SMS. It's explained here how many characters one SMS can carry.

Booking reminder

Booking reminder event is a bit more complex than other ones. So, we'll explain how it works in this section.

By default Booking reminder is triggered at the same moment when the Calendar Event starts, but as most of you'd like to send the reminder a few days/hours/minutes before the event happens, we've added 'Sent time' block to the workflow. This block allows you to trigger the Automation Workflow X months/weeks/days/hours/minutes before the Calendar Event starts.

For example, you can set the email reminder to be sent 24 hours before the event starts:

However, keep in mind, if customer will make a booking less than 24 hours before the event, then email reminder won't be sent in this case, because the delay is set to 24 hours before the event and there was no booking at the time when the reminder was supposed to be sent. It works the same way with SMS reminders (e.g. if you set the 'Sent time' to 6 hours before the event, booking should exist more than 6 hours before the event, otherwise the SMS reminder won't be sent).

So, make sure to adjust the 'Sent time' block delays based on your store booking time trends. If your customers never make a booking less than a day before the event, it's ok to use 24 hours before event. However, if your customers often make bookings less than 12 hours before the event, 1-2 hours before event Sent Time will make much more sense.

Collecting phone number field

If you want to send SMS notifications through Omnisend, you'll need to collect phone numbers with your Wix bookings form.

To start collecting phone numbers with your Wix bookings checkout form go to your Wix account -> Booking services -> More actions -> Update booking settings:

You'll be redirected to the Wix bookings settings page, click on the Booking form:

Make sure that the phone number field is set to 'required'. Otherwise, some clients may not provide their phone number during the booking and Omnisend won't know where we need to send the SMS notification to. Make sure to save the form afterward.

Disabling Wix bookings notifications

The important thing to mention is that we don't replace the Wix bookings notifications automatically. So, if you set up Booking confirmation SMS notification in Omnisend and have it enabled in Wix as well, customers will receive 2 notifications about the same thing and you definitely want to avoid sending out duplicates. To disable Wix bookings notifications in the Wix account go to Booking services -> More actions -> update booking settings:

You'll be redirected to the Wix bookings settings page, click on the Emails & SMS notifications as shown on the screenshot below:

Then disable all the notifications that you're going to send through Omnisend:

You're free to keep some of them enabled if you don't want to use Omnisend for some of your notifications.

Other Omnisend features that you may use

Signup forms

All the contacts passed to Omnisend from your Wix bookings site have non-subscribed status. It means that you can't send any promotional content to them, even if you want to because they didn't give you their consent to get any other content except the one related to their booking (that's why you can still send emails and SMS based on the custom events that are passed to Omnisend from Wix bookings to contacts with non-subscribed status). So, if you'd like to start using Omnisend to send out promotional content, you'll need to collect consent from your clients first.

To collect the consent, you can use Omnisend Signup Forms. All of the Signup Form types are available for you except Embedded Signup Form.

To collect subscribers on your website, you can use Website Forms.

To collect the consent from your customers who make a Booking you can use Landing page Signup Form. Add its URL to your transactional messages. For example, here's how Booking confirmation SMS may look with the Landing page URL added:

The 'Automatically shorten links' feature is enabled by default for every SMS block. So, in the actual SMS this link will be shorter:

You can also share Landing Page URL anywhere online. For example, if you have a Facebook group or Instagram account, you can share the Landing page link there to allow your clients to subscribe to your newsletter if they're interested in different news regarding your business, sales, etc.

Welcome email/SMS workflow

To send Welcome emails/SMS to the contacts that will subscribe to your newsletter via Omnisend Signup Forms, you'll need to use 'Contact enters a segment' trigger. You can find detailed explanation how do that here.

SMS and Email campaigns

SMS and Email campaigns allow you to send out promotional content in bulk. However, to use this feature, you'll need to collect their consent first, as explained above. Once you have at least one SMS or Email subscriber, you can start sending out promotional content to them. For example, inform them about upcoming SALE on your site.


I'm getting the error that my account already exists, when I try to connect my Wix bookings site to Omnisend, how to fix this? We've built a separate app for Wix bookings sites, therefore you'll need to create a new account because it's not possible to connect the Wix bookings site to an existing account that has other brands connected to it.

Does this integration support Wix courses sites? We don't support Courses as of now, but we'll start supporting this service type in the near future.

Will the automation be triggered for manually created booking? Yes, we'll trigger automations for bookings that have been created manually in the Wix admin.

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