Welcome Email is sent automatically to your new subscribers. Just after your store visitor signs up for a newsletter, he or she receives an email form you. Welcome emails are set up and triggered automatically. Welcome emails are sent to those new subscribers who used Omnisend signup forms and to subscribers captured with other tools that Omnisend has integration with.

You can customize the content of these emails - write your own copy, add the image, or offer a discount for shopping at your store.

Setup process

Welcome Email setup process is very similar to other automation workflows setup on Omnisend. It consists of a couple of standard steps: trigger, delay, email, end of workflow. See the info below for Welcome Email setup or jump to a video on how to setup an automation workflow or how to edit automation workflow to add more emails to it.


This workflow is triggered by a new signup via Omnisend signup forms or other tool that Omnisend has integration with.

You have an option to add different trigger rules to target customers signing up via specific forms.

Edit audience settings to trigger your automation for the specific audience only, more about creating a segment here


This step allows you to choose the delay of email sent - the time Omnisend will wait from the trigger until the email should be sent. You can choose to edit the default delay (Immediately) and set it to:

  • minutes, 
  • hours,
  • days, 
  • weeks,
  • months. 

You can also choose, what should happen with those contacts, who might be affected by the new rules (if the delay rules are being changed). There are two ways of dealing with it: 

  • Discontinuing the current sequences under the old rules, which would not send any emails with old rules, if there are any customers in the workflow,
  • Completing the current sequences according to the old rules, which would finish sending the emails with old rules to all customers that are currently in the workflow.

Important: the delays will always be counted starting from the end of the previous event, not from the trigger. 


This step allows you to choose and edit the email, that is sent to the customer. You can choose from either of our free templates and use one of either design themes for it. 

End of workflow

When the customer receives an email, they exit the workflow. Such clients are calculated and the total is provided in the End of workflow box

Welcome Email workflow is available for our Standard and Pro Plan users.

Read a case study about welcome email effectiveness.

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