What's new - February 2022

Learn what new features and improvements were introduced in February

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Here at Omnisend, our Teams develop the product regularly, and new features and improvements are released every week.

In this article, you will find the most important information related to the recent releases that will help you optimize your marketing with Omnisend even more!

Email builder

Product Listing block updates include:

  • Inline text & button editing;

  • Resize & align product listing photos;

  • Clickable images, not just buttons;

  • Visible 'Pick Products from Store' button.

  • More fonts have been added to the library - including Google Fonts, so you'll have no trouble finding a style that matches your store.


On your dashboard overview tab, you can now see how well you're doing at turning your New Visitors into New Buyers.

The funnel shows all the main stages in an online shopper's conversion journey through Omnisend, from the first visit to the first order. Plus, recommendations on improving each stage to increase your overall conversion success.


  • Use signup forms to turn new visitors into new subscribers.

  • Use automated marketing messages (and discounts) to turn new subscribers into new buyers.

Email list cleaning

Now you can see an overview of your list with recommendations to optimize your audience. Within a couple of clicks, you can now clean your poor-quality contacts and directly improve your metrics from your Audience tab.

Please note! This additional service scans contacts with subscribed and non-subscribed statuses, priced at $0.20 per 100 contacts.

Back in stock (Beta)

Back-in-stock emails are the new revenue lever allowing you to recover and keep visitors informed when a product is back in the store, who would have otherwise abandoned your website. It takes two clicks to get a form on your page, and automation presets are already created for you. Read more here.

Please note! This feature is in beta mode and only available for Shopify customers.


  • Integration with Facebook Lead Ads allows you to pass leads collected from Facebook & Instagram much easier. And most importantly, you won't need to use 3rd party tools.

  • Integration with Yotpo Loyalty. Build customized, on-brand loyalty programs to incentivize repeat purchases, referrals, social engagement, and more.

  • Integration with Poptin. Create pop-ups, opt-ins, and embedded forms in less than 2 minutes.

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