Back in stock functionality allows you to capture additional subscribers - visitors who would otherwise abandon your website without leaving an opportunity to recover their browsing session.

Back in stock also works great for merchants with a wide variety of SKUs in their catalog and a loyal customer base. In such a case, back in stock works more as a customer support and retention feature than capturing new visitors.

Last, having back in stock integrated into your omnichannel marketing tool means you can ensure consistent messaging to prospects and existing customers. Plus, it makes subscriber contact syncing between multiple platforms less painful as you will gather and manage all of them in one place.

⚠️ Note that this feature is in beta mode. It is only available for Shopify customers for now.

Setup process

Step 1. Setup the form

You will find a new form template in a forms library called "Back in stock." When you click on a template "Create a form," you will be landed on the Forms list where "Back in the Stock form" will appear. Click a toggle to enable the form. The current version doesn't support any customization yet, so enabling the form is enough.

Step 2. Validate the form

Validate that the "back in stock" form button is rendering correctly. Go to your website and check it on a product (or product variant) that is currently out of stock.

If you feel that the button is not rendering correctly, please reach out to us as we are still working on a beta version. You can contact a CSM or support.

Step 3. Setup an automation

Now that you can collect contacts who want to get notified when a specific product is back in stock, you need a workflow to inform them.

You should see a new type of workflow available. It's called "Back in stock." Use this workflow preset and adjust email content according to your needs.

You will find a new content block called "Back in stock," which is used to pass relevant product information when notifying a contact.

Step 4. All done.

Once you have a form and automation workflow enabled, you can sit down and relax.

Beyond all-access version

We will start offering a generally available version at some point in time. We will address the form (incl. button) customization (colors, text, positioning, and spacing)—the ability to capture contacts both as subscribers and non-subscribers.

If you feel that a particular element is crucial and is currently missing, please don't hesitate to leave your feedback by contacting your CSM support or leaving it in our feedback form.

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