You can easily add products from your online store directly to your emails using Product Listing. Everything, including the product's image, description, price, and the link to the product, will be added automatically.


Before you begin
Using Product Listing
Block settings


Before you begin

  • Product Listing can be used in both Email Campaigns and Automation workflows.

  • Product Listing is available for Omnisend users with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Woocommerce, or API integration.

  • If your store is integrated via API, you will need to add our front-end snippets before you can start using Product Listing. Check our Developers' guidance for details.

  • It is available on all the Omnisend pricing plans.

Using Product Listing

Product Listing automatically adds up to 8 products from your store - images, titles, descriptions, prices, and links to the product. You can also choose which information should be included.

To start using Product Listing, head to either of your emails - a new campaign or a particular email on either of your automation workflows built with New Email Builder.

Once open your email, drag and drop the Product Listing content block from the left sidebar to your email content. There are three blocks to choose from with a different number of products to show. The number of products can be changed once the block is added to the email content.

Block settings

Once you add a Product Listing block to your email, you can select which products from your store to include in the email.

For this open Product listing tab, by clicking on any placeholder image of the block → Click Pick products from the store:

A single block can hold up to 8 products. Please note, in case you need more than 8 products displayed in a single email, you would need to drag and drop more Product Listing blocks to your email content.

Move the toggle or type in the number of products you'd like to show.

Alongside the number of products, you can choose product details that you want to show in the email. Product image, name, description, price, and button that links to the product page will be added automatically from your website.

Product listing block can be split into 3 fully customizable sections and can be adjusted manually from your side. Those are Image, Text, and Button Settings. By selecting separate parts of the block, you will be able to edit image, text, and button accordingly.

Here is the list of settings that can be edited for each part of the block:

  • Image: image (replace/remove), remove image padding, alt text, link (automatically links to the product page), alignment;

  • Text: text style, font, font size, line height, color;

  • Button: button text, link (automatically links to the product page), style, alignment.

    Tip! Feel free to click on the Button settings note to style the button.

⚠️Note to access more color options, click on + sign. There you will be able to type in hex color code as well as select any color you like using the color picker.

Voilà! Products that you have selected are added to the newsletter.


What's an alt text for a Product image?

Consider it as the backup text that explains what your image is for individuals who have images blocked or disabled by default in their browsers.

Buttons look small; can I make them any bigger?

You can choose full button alignment to show buttons fully below your product.

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