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ReConvert is a 3rd party app that provides powerful upselling tools for Shopify stores.

With ReConvert you can instantly add an average of 15% revenue, without spending a cent on ads.

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ReConvert integration with Omnisend allows you to collect customers' birthdays on your Shopify thank you page. Use the birthday date to trigger Omnisend Birthday automation on your customers' special day. Build retention and keep customers coming back for more.

Setup process

To integrate Omnisend with ReConvert, click on your brand name in the top right corner to open the menu, and select 'Apps':

Then search for the 'ReConvert' app and open the integration page:

Once on the ReConvert integration page proceed with the following steps:

Firstly, create an API key with all the custom permissions:

Then, proceed to your ReConvert account. Navigate to the General Settings page:

Find Omnisend in the 'Third party birthday integration' section:

Paste the API key that you've created, check the 'Sync with Omnisend' checkbox and click 'Save' button:

Now, as all the necessary steps to enable the integration have been completed, go back to the ReConvert page in the Omnisend App Market and confirm this, as shown on the screenshot below:

That's it! All the existing birthdays will be synced to Omnisend right away. Also, anytime a new contact will provide birthday, it'll be synced to Omnisend.

How the Integration works

Once the integration is enabled these fields will be passed to Omnisend:

  • Email address (subscribed status);

  • Email opt-in date;

  • Birthday.

The main purpose of this integration is to build close relationship with your customers by sending Birthday emails. You can read more about our Birthday Email workflow here.

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